Monday, May 15th

After dinner, Vikki and Billy are back on the rooftop for coffee. He admires how practical she is – but knows Vikki can be wild and crazy too. If she had to do it all over again, she wouldn’t change a thing. Billy either.

Back at the club, Jack assumes Dina will be headed back to France once the deal’s signed. She’d like to stay and visit her family; catch up. Jack wants to do that now but Dina needs to get a night’s sleep first. Delighted that Jack agrees to see her tomorrow, Dina leaves him looking grim at the bar.

Tessa answers Noah’s question – she ran away from home at 17; ran out of cash on the way to LA. Shortly after, Nikki appeared. Both have kid sisters (which makes Noah smile and Tessa frown)

At their table, Sharon and Scott discuss lying (which Sharon readily admits she’s good at) Scott wants to tell Sharon something – because he cares about her.

Scott tells Sharon that he was based in London when he went to the Middle East. He’s in Intelligence; journalism was a cover. He’s no James Bond (but orders a Martina, shaken, not stirred)

Jack gets a text from Gloria – where are you? The bed’s getting cold. Hesitating briefly, Jack declines and takes a drink.

The Ashby’s run into Jordan and Hilary in the lobby. Jordan wishes the ladies could be civil. Under the guise of being nice, Hilary brings up Juliet. Lily then praises Cane’s hard work. He’s just happy to make a positive contribution.

Vikki doesn’t need Billy to walk her to her room but confesses that she booked the family trip to San Diego. Billy agrees – it’ll be fun. See you bright and early. Letting himself into his room, Billy finds Phyllis naked in his bed. Surprise, she purrs.

Next: Mariah introduces the subject of her interview; Dina Mergeron, a renowned figure in the International business community is here to make a stunning announcement. At home, Jack and Ashley glare at the TV … On the rooftop, Hilary’s with Howard the producer when she spots one of her heroes Julie Chen. I have to meet her!