Monday, May 15th

The sun now going down on the rooftop deck, Jordan admits he’d miss Hilary if she moved to LA – don’t forget about us little people ~kiss~ He sees determination in Hilary’s eyes. She wants to make her tiny show a big success.

A scarf wrapped around her head, Phyllis butts heads with the LA hotel desk clerk. Surprise or not, he can’t give her a key to her husband’s room.

Gloria’s at the GCAC’s bar when Dina’s assistant takes a seat beside her. Dina takes a call then a seat on Graham’s other side. Jack arrives – Mother? Darling, Jack! Dina wraps her arm around her astonished son (Gloria equally surprised)

Phyllis tries a gentler approach with Anthony the desk clerk. Apologizing, she provides ID to prove that she’s Billy Abbott’s wife. Why are you hiding behind that map? Anthony wonders as Juliet goes by. My husband’s colleague – she’ll spoil the surprise. Anthony compromises by giving Phyllis Billy’s room number – he can decide whether to let you in. Phyllis grabs her bag and bolts.

When Juliet joins them on the rooftop, Hilary looks at the photo Jordan took of her and Lily (and posted online) Yes, Juliet is chummy with Lily. Hilary noticed that she’s close with Cane too. Hearing that he got her the job, Hilary wonders how. I’m good at my job, Juliet grins.

At the bar, Dina tells Jack that things didn’t go well with Ashley. Graham’s introduced – then a friendly Gloria (who Dina knows was married to John) Politely but quickly, Gloria leaves for a ‘pressing engagement’.

Over dinner, Tessa jokes that she knows which fork to use. She also guesses that Noah brought this last date here – right before she broke off their engagement. Tessa then points out Sharon and Scott at a nearby table. Noah doesn’t think it awkward – he’s glad his Mom’s having fun.

Sharon’s also noticed Noah and Tessa – and that Scott’s been quiet. He evades questions about what Chris wanted – how’s the crisis hotline? Sharon feels like she’s helping people. Scott can tell she’s compassionate and has been debating whether to share something with her.

On the limo ride back from Malibu, the Ashby’s rave about their amazing dinner and one another. Oh, the love. Lily doubts the commercial will launch her into superstardom – her family will always come first. Cane’s so proud of Lily ~kiss~

Phyllis slips into Billy’s room while the housekeeper’s distracted with her cart.