Tuesday, May 16th

In a Hollywood studio, Cane and Juliet are busy setting up for the commercial. After Lily and Jordan head to the set, Cane gives videographer Jesse firm instructions to capture everything that goes on behind the scenes.

Dressing in his hotel room after a fun night with Phyllis, Billy must get to the set – Vikki can’t know that Phyllis is in LA ~kiss~

On the hotel rooftop, Hilary assures Howard that her name will one day be a household name; her face will be on a bigger billboard than Lily’s. Both are starstruck to see Julie Chen. Hilary won’t let this opportunity pass her by.

Ashley finds Jack looking at a framed photo of him (as a child) with his Mom. Hearing that he’s talked to Dina, Ashley hopes Jack sent her packing; please don’t tell me you welcomed her with open arms.

‘Call me Dina’ is at Devon’s penthouse – she’s pleased he and Neil agreed to her terms and is ready to sign the paperwork. But no, there will be no celebratory party.

Hilary approaches Ms Chen to introduce herself and brag about her show (which is patterned after her ‘role model’) Checking her watch, Julie needs to get to the Talk set. Hilary pleads to interview her on camera. Sorry, no – but come check out the Talk set, Julie invites. Delighted, Hilary updates Howard that her foot’s in the door – she WILL get an interview with Julie Chen.

In the hotel lobby, Vikki leaves a message for Billy – do I need to come drag you out of bed? Getting off the elevator, Billy apologizes for sleeping through his alarm. When Vikki talks about taking the kids to the zoo, Billy suggests they get through today’s shoot first.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Jack wishes Ashley gave him a heads up that Dina was in town – before he ran in to her and her young male assistant at the club. Perhaps we should let Traci know. Dina wants to spend time with her family. Who does she consider family? Ashley wonders.

Dina tells Devon and Neil that things with her kids didn’t go well and she doesn’t share their optimism that this sale will go over well with them. Devon has an idea to announce the sale without it being ‘open to misinterpretation’.