Tuesday, May 16th

As Hilary and Howard continue to discuss Julie Chen, Phyllis (in a huge hat) takes a lounge seat on the rooftop. When Hilary comes over to scoff about the funny coincidence, Phyllis asks her not to tell anyone she’s there.

At the studio, Cane calms a nervous Lily – you won’t mess up; you’re a natural. Jordan comes over to agree – the camera loves you. Lily continues to worry.

Billy and Vikki arrive on set with a couple of hockey players, who are then introduced to Cane and Juliet. After they meet Lily, Cane introduces Jesse (who follows them around with a camera) Juliet tells the BnS team that the hockey league wants to approve any behind the scenes footage before uploading (which Cane assures is no problem)

Jack and Ashley continue to butt heads. Dina would love to meet Abby, Jack says. But she didn’t even ask about Traci! Ashley correctly guesses. Dina was jetlagged, Jack doesn’t see the need to make her feel unwelcome. And why did Dina choose to sell to Hamilton Winters?

Devon and Neil have brought Dina to GC Buzz to announce the sale. They’re sure Jack, Ashley and Abby will be watching. Promised that Mariah won’t manipulate the interview, Dina agrees – if Devon’s appears with her. Aside, Mariah thanks Devon – but there’s a major hurdle (Hilary)

Phyllis brings Hilary up to date – she came to surprise Billy. Their relationship is out in the open but Vikki won’t like that she’s here. Hilary agrees not to say anything – then getting a call from Mariah, is not happy to hear that she plans to interview Dina (and Devon)

As her make up’s being touched up, Lily tells Juliet and Vikki that her butterflies went away during the rehearsal. Now wearing BnS jersey’s, the hockey players joke with Cane and Billy (who laughs about betting and Vegas odds) The boys called back to the set, Cane watches Jesse to make sure he’s filming.

After some more talk about Dina, Jack gets a message from Gloria to turn GC Buzz on. He and Ashley watch as Mariah tells her viewers that Dina Mergeron is there to make a shocking announcement.

On the set of the Talk, Hilary introduces Howard to Julie Chen, who again politely declines an interview. Hilary persists; you know how hard it is to break into this business (especially for a diverse woman) 10 minutes? 8? Julie agrees to 5.

The shoot over, Lily tells Juliet that the hockey player she had her eye on isn’t available. Cane can’t take Lily out to celebrate right now – he needs to review Jesse’s footage. Vikki thanks Lily, Jordan and Billy (who she’s left to ask out for a drink) Billy needs to go to his room to freshen up – he’ll meet Vikki at the rooftop bar (where Phyllis is lounging with a drink as she looks at the Hollywood sign)