Tuesday, May 16th

Hilary’s interview on The Talk set goes well. Julie loves her job and her cohosts. Hilary finds her ‘sidekick’ difficult; do the claws come out when the cameras go off? No, Julie and her co-hosts are good friends – as women, we need to prop each other up. She suggests Hilary recognizes her ‘sidekick’ as her ‘cohost’. Hear that Mariah? There’s hope for us yet, Hilary smiles into the camera.

Back at GC Buzz, Mariah’s also on camera; raving about Hamilton Winters and Mergeron Enterprises. Why did Dina decide to sell? She became conscious of her legacy – this is about family (at home, Jack and Ashley watch silently)

The interview over, Julie tells Hilary that she has a bright future – you have what it takes – let me know when this airs; I’d love to watch it. Hilary’s then left to give Howard an ‘I told you so’ and have him film her seated at the Talk table; ‘welcome to The Hilary Hour’

As Jack and Ashley continue to watch at home, Dina explains that she sold her company to her dearly departed friend Kay’s grandson – she was fortunate to find Devon. Anything is possible; you can correct mistakes and reestablish a relationship with family – it’s never too late, Dina looks into the camera. Turning the TV off, Ashley applauds – well done Dina.

Hunched over a laptop with Jesse, Cane finds the clip he wants (Billy joking with the hockey players about betting on a game) End it right there, he instructs – never mind about it being taken ‘out of context’. Yes, he’s sure (and hands Jesse a wad of bills)

Billy’s troubled to find no Phyllis in his hotel room. She’s lounging on the rooftop, not far away from Vikki, who’s sending a text (presumably to Billy)

Next: You want me to spy on my girlfriend and report back to you, Nick concludes. That’s right, Victor confirms…. Lily on her show, Hilary says ‘Let’s see what the man himself has to say – then plays the clip of Billy joking about betting 10 grand on a game. Cane, Juliet watch on their phones. Vikki and Billy are horrified.