Wednesday, May 17th

Still on the set, Lily and Juliet are talking about cute hockey players and what a hard boss Cane is when Cane joins them to update that Jesse’s saving behind the scenes footage to flashdrive. No, he can’t let Juliet and Lily take a peek.

In his empty hotel room, a worried Billy sends Phyllis a text asking where she is and reminding her to lay low.

On the rooftop, Phyllis is busy on her laptop as Vikki arrives focusing on her phone. Quickly surveying the scene, Hilary prevents disaster – Hey Vikki, wait up! Phyllis lifts her head too.

At CL’s, Sharon brings Nick a pastry and asks what’s got him down. He wishes Chelsea would give up searching for Chloe. What’s changed? Sharon reminds that a month ago Nick asked for her help to entrap Chloe.

Hovering outside Victor’s office, Chelsea pulls out her fake passport. She hangs back when Abby barges into Victor’s office (as he’s asking Scott for an update on her)

Phyllis eavesdrops as Hilary stalls Vikki with chatter about her interview with Julie Chen. After Phyllis sneaks off, Vikki offers Hilary an exclusive; two cute hockey players and behind the scenes footage.

Cane can’t let Lily and Juliet see the footage before the hockey league reviews it. After Juliet goes back to work, Cane hugs Lily (looking like he’s up to something)

Phyllis returns to Billy’s room for a scolding – don’t worry, Vikki didn’t see me. Massaging Billy’s shoulders, Phyllis is disappointed that Billy has to go for a meeting – with Vikki.

Hilary politely declines Vikki’s offer – she wants to focus on stories she can only get here in LA. The segment will be hot, Vikki persists – she’ll even throw in an interview with Lily. Lock it in, Howard comes over to say – we’ll live stream from the lobby. After Vikki leaves, Howard can’t believe Hilary was going to pass on a no-brainer. I can’t get away from this witch (Lily) Hilary pouts.

When Billy joins her on the rooftop, Vikki tells him about the live interview with Hilary. Billy’s sent off to get the hockey league’s approval to use the behind the scenes footage.

Abby’s brought a list of potential digital media acquisitions (whittled down from Scott’s list) She’s also listed them in order of useful attributes. Both Scott and Abby claim to be enjoying their partnership. After Abby leaves to take a call, Victor asks Scott what he’s learned from his daughter.