Wednesday, May 17th

Finishing her room service and wine, Phyllis is about to put the tray in the hallway when Vikki appears. Billy? Billy? she knocks on the door. Phyllis is silent and rooted to the floor.

On Billy’s orders (who’s acting on Vikki’s orders) Juliet calls the hockey league. Yes, they’ve reviewed the footage – it’s good to go. Good job, Billy takes off with the flashdrive.

If Scott hasn’t seen Abby doing anything out of the ordinary, he needs to dig deeper. Scott wonders what Victor’s looking for. While Abby was interim CEO, NE got a large payment that she won’t talk about. Do your job, Victor orders Scott.

On the CL’s patio, Abby’s talking to the creator of a new dating app she likes. She adds her own ideas – but he can only use them if they work together. She’ll give them free space for a piece of the company.

Sharon points out all Chelsea gave to Chloe; a home, job etc. She gave everything to a woman who killed her husband. Nick doesn’t want Chelsea obsessing over something that’ll lead to a dead end. Sharon’s not sure it will – maybe Chloe will slip up. Sharon again brings up Nick’s change of mind – there’s something you’re not telling me.

Chelsea’s now in Victor’s office – about this (the passport) She wants to know if the person who made Chloe’s passport is the same person who made hers (for Victor)

Chelsea shares her theory that Chloe used the same forger Victor did. She’s determined to get justice for Adam and knows Victor feels the same way. He agrees he’s infuriated that Chloe escaped without punishment. Finally agreeing to call his contact, Victor asks Chelsea to step outside. Scott catches Chelsea with her ear to Victor’s door. You might be able to help me, she decides.

With the behind the scenes footage taken care of, the Ashby’s are all set to go celebrate when Juliet comes up to tell them about the live interview in the lobby. Lily’s not thrilled to hear she’ll be on The Hilary Hour.

Hilary and Howard are butting heads on interviewing Lily when Jordan comes along to joke that she seems a bit jealous. As all gather in the lobby, Vikki takes Billy aside to say she thinks someone was in his room. Housekeeping, Billy assumes and changes the subject. Praising his good work, Vikki’s glad he’s still up for the zoo trip with the kids. Everything’s falling into place. Aside, Howard plugs a flashdrive into a laptop.

Hearing that Nick’s just fed up with his Dad, Sharon thinks it more – Faith barely gets to see her grandfather anymore. Stand by Chelsea, Sharon advises – support her. She may never let this go.

Outside Victor’s office, Chelsea tells Scott about her passport idea – and has Kevin heard from Chloe? No. Victor then lets Chelsea back into his office – his contact didn’t know anything. Chelsea thanks Victor for caring. It’s like we’re the only ones. Nick doesn’t even seem interested. Victor vows to find Chloe and take care of things ~hug~