Wednesday, May 17th

Back in the hotel room, Billy gives Phyllis the bad news – Hannah’s bringing the kids up for a family trip to the zoo. Billy doesn’t want to disappoint the kids (or Phyllis) She gets that – you’re a good Father ~kiss~

In the hotel lobby, the BnS team (sans Billy) watches as Hilary introduces Lily as the woman who followed her all the way to LA; GC’s very own Lily Ashby. After some banter, it’s time for some behind the scenes footage. Aside, Cane tells Juliet that the league hasn’t approved them airing it. Huh? Juliet thought they did.

Still loitering outside Victor’s office, Chelsea again talks to Scott – no one would willingly help Chloe escape, she knows. Scott wonders if it was the same person who sprung her from the facility. Maybe Chloe wasn’t released. Question is, who put Chloe on the path to homicide?

Nick’s not pleased when Victor arrives at his underground office to update that Chelsea came to him to look into Chloe getting a passport. Guess you didn’t tell Chelsea to stop looking. Nick admires Chelsea’s determination. Tell Chelsea to stop looking for Chloe, Victor orders. Nick’s supposed to spy on Chelsea and report to Victor how her investigation’s going. That’s right, Victor nods.

Abby asks Sharon for her opinion on the dating app. It doesn’t make sense to her – knowing so much about people before you meet them. Also, people can lie online. After Sharon heads inside, Abby understands her concern. The app guy is already working on it – he doesn’t want any scammers. Great – Abby will do up some paperwork.

As Billy joins Vikki to watch the footage being aired, they air the clip of Billy joking about betting 10K on a hockey game (it kinda looks like he’s taking bets) Hilary goes back to Lily about who ate all the bagels – who’s the guilty party? The BnS team looks stunned.

Chelsea will try talking to the facility in California. Using some tricks she has up her sleeve, she’ll find Chloe’s accomplice, then Chloe. Scott looks thoughtful as he watches her leave.

Victor shouldn’t need to remind Nick what could happen if Chelsea brings Chloe back to town. Tell her to stop, he orders Nick.

Still naked and in bed, Phyllis smiles at an image online of Billy then sends him a sexy text – hurry back!

Hilary wraps up her show – keep on Buzzin GC. Vikki blasts Billy for betting on camera. It was a joke – Billy just needs to find the rest of the footage. As Vikki marches off to take a call from Lenny (with the league) Juliet reminds Billy that the cameras were rolling the whole time. Vikki returns to say that because Billy and the players were gambling, the whole deal’s off. This was all for nothing!

Next: Nick encourages Chelsea – Go find Chloe. Do whatever it takes to find her. You need this …. Scott asks Abby – what University did you go to? I think it was the University of My Daddy Just Handed Me This Job …. Jesse shot and edited all the behind the scenes footage. So you just want to pin this on him, Cane’s not happy. Go find Jesse, Vikki barks – we need to talk to him immediately.