Thursday, May 18th

Jack drops by the ranch with a gift for Nikki; a book. He mentions running into Dina – she’s a confounding creature. Jack’s torn on whether to cut her loose for good. Nikki knows it’s hard to walk away from someone whose love you desperately want.

Scott’s in Victor’s office without much to update on. He has no idea what Abby’s up to or what company sent NE the big check. Victor wants results – you’re an investigative journalist, he ends with a ‘you got that?’

Nick drops by Chelsea’s. He didn’t call because he wasn’t sure she’d answer. At this point, Chelsea’s not sure she would have.

Letting Nick in, Chelsea updates that she asked Victor if Chloe could have used the same passport forger he did. How’d that go? Victor dropped everything to help but it was a dead end. Nick knows his Dad puts on an act that he can fix anything. No, he’s not there to tell Chelsea to drop her search. Nick doesn’t want to control Chelsea – he wants to know how she feels.

Scott’s been given no reason to believe Abby’s up to anything; here’s some files to show that accounting errors happen in top 500 fortune companies. These mean nothing, Victor tosses the files back – NE’s accounting is flawless. He’s puzzled by the deposit and smells a rat. Scott’s on it. In the hallway, he bumps into Abby – who wants to know what he and her Dad were talking about. You, Scott admits.

Wearing black lingerie, Phyllis sends Billy another racy text urging him to come back to the hotel room. He’s with Vikki when he reads it. Aside, Lily wonders why Vikki wants to talk to Hilary. Maybe a follow-up interview, Cane claims he’s exhausted and ready to go home to the kids. Also in the hotel lobby, Hilary assures Vikki, Juliet and Billy that no one looked at or edited the footage. That leaves the trio puzzled as to how this happened. After a dejected Juliet leaves, Billy suggests they question Cane’s videographer, Jesse.

Back at the ranch, Jack and Nikki discuss Dina’s comment about reconnecting with family. Nikki again knows about releasing resentment to trust someone again. Yes, you’ve forgiven Victor again and again – Jack’s surprised that Nikki seems to support him having a relationship with his Mother – she won’t be around forever.

Chelsea appreciates Nick’s support – are you on my side now? You want Chloe to be found right? Yes or no, Chelsea can’t continue with Nick if he’s not with her.

In the hotel lobby, Hilary’s surprised to run into Barry (the agent who pretended to be interested in her to dupe Devon) Boasting about her interview with Julie Chen, Hilary wants to work with Barry. He agrees – but is more interested in Lily (can you put in a word?)