Thursday, May 18th

On the other side of the lobby, Billy tries to convince Vikki that they can smooth things over with the hockey league if they see the entire footage. Though Cane doesn’t like the idea of pinning this on Jesse, Vikki agrees with Billy – get Jesse and the footage here NOW.

On the rooftop, Hilary re-introduces Barry (Jack’s friend) to Lily – then is dismissed so that he can talk to Lily alone – you’re a breath of fresh air. He’s helped former models become actresses and TV hosts and wants Lily to be his next success.

Scott tells Abby that Victor wasn’t happy that he’s no up to speed on the business. He needs a crash course in accounting – from Abby. She can’t possibly teach him all that. Scott then insults Abby – you graduated from the University of Daddy Just Handed Me This Job. I’m busy, Abby snaps. When Victor comes out, she’s annoyed to learn that he does indeed want her to teach Scott. Now alone again, Scott assures Abby he won’t let her down.

You can’t even look at me, Chelsea has her answer – you should go. No, go find Chloe, Nick knows Chelsea needs this. I can’t do this with you – but I won’t hold you back. Nick needs closure too – for us ~hug~

Hair fluffed and perfume almost rendering her unconscious, Phyllis is not happy that Billy hasn’t responded to her text. I’m D-O-N-E, she huffs.

Jesse’s with Vikki, Billy and Cane at the hotel. Did you edit the footage in any way? No, just dead air between clips, he says. Despite Cane’s efforts to shut it down, Billy insists on seeing the footage to find the clip that didn’t air.

After seeing the entire footage, Billy wants to know why Jesse stopped filming in the middle of the jokes about betting. Jesse’s sorry – he wasn’t really paying attention. After Jesse leaves, Billy’s determined to get the real story. Cane knows the real story – you’re a recovering gambling addict who talked to hockey players about betting and tanked our campaign. THAT’S the real story.

Lily politely declines Barry’s offer – she signed an exclusive contract with BnS and her family’s in GC. Well, this IS pretty exciting, Lily admits – I’ll talk to my husband about it.

Abby finds Jack in his office to update that she found their first start up for the tech incubator. Jack doesn’t even need the details – he trusts Abby (who’s relieved someone does for a change)

As Nick’s leaving, Chelsea relays Scott’s advice to go back a bit – Chloe had a whole other life in California. Someone helped her get an early release. Nick thinks the advice solid – it could lead to everything ~kiss~ Keep this between us, Nick suggests – don’t tip off Chloe or whoever she might be working with.

At the ranch, Nikki’s horrified that Victor asked Nick to spy on Chelsea. Victor can’t have Chelsea find Chloe. You’re still ordering us around, Nikki frowns. No, this isn’t what she wants – or what she’s ever wanted.

Abby gives a full report to Jack – Victor wants her to give Scott a crash course on how NE earns and spends money. Do you believe that? he wonders. No way they can trace that warehouse back to me, Jack reassures. And Abby’s sure she can handle Scott (who’s in his office looking at a digital image of a huge cashier’s check from Proven Success LLC)