Thursday, May 18th

Victor can see in Nikki’s eyes that there’s still feelings between them. Don’t push me, she walks away. Nick arrives to ‘report in’. He doesn’t like spying on Chelsea. What’s her next move? Victor asks. No move – she’s giving up, Nick lies.

Chelsea makes a call – I need a flight from GC to San Fransisco – tonight.

Billy offers to take a lie detector test and is sure the players will too. It’s too late – word’s already getting out. Billy assures Vikki that he can fix this – he’s going to see the hockey officials in Toronto. Cane’s left to hiss to Vikki that Billy needs to go. Fire him and this deal might be salvaged.

Phyllis is dressed when Billy bursts into his room to say he needs to fly to Toronto immediately (to save the deal he’s cost BnS) Both are startled by a knock at the door. It’s me, Vikki calls out – open up.

In the lobby, Juliet confides in a supportive Hilary. Lily also comes by to ask what’s wrong. Where’s Cane? We’re going out to celebrate how well it all went.

You and I are done, Cane tells Jesse. Are we? I deleted 10 seconds of footage for you and now there’s some kind of emergency. This could really mess you up, Jesse smirks. Is this a shakedown? Indeed it is. Cane brings out enough cash to send Jesse on his way with a jaunty ‘thanks man’.

In Billy’s room, Vikki tells Billy that she’s the one going to Toronto. The trip to San Diego with the kids is off. She then blasts Billy for his lack of judgment. One more thing – you can come out now Phyllis (which she does) And with that, Vikki leaves to save her company.

Next: Nikki’s reading a piece of paper – we had a really bad break up. You don’t want me to say ‘no’ again, Tessa says that’s fine – just say that … You wanted to see me? Scott walks into Victor’s office. I have another special project for you, Victor announces … Chelsea’s at the LA facility. Thanks for meeting with me, she shakes a woman’s hand. I’m very worried about my sister, Chloe.