Friday, May 19th

At NE, Abby’s on the phone updating Zack, the app creator, that her business partner loved the idea – it’s a go. A few feet away, Scott’s also on the phone – a couple of copies will be fine. Summoned to Victor’s office, Scott’s told that his boss has another ‘special project’ for him.

Sharon serves and joins Nick – feeling any better about the situation with Chelsea? Nick confides that she’s off looking for Chloe.

In a Napa Valley facility, Chelsea shakes the hand of Ms Lewis. She’s very concerned about her sister, Chloe.

Meeting Ashley at the club for breakfast, Neil gets an earful about the ‘dog and pony show’ Dina’s GC Buzz interview was.

At home, Jack looks at his tablet (reading about the sale of his Mother’s company) He grimaces as he recalls Dina telling him that he needs rest because he just got out of the hospital.

Jack continues to remember his young Mother more interested in getting to her tennis game than her sick son (who will be taken care of by Maime)

A poster board perched on a display easel, Victor tells Scott that the medical school is holding a reception to announce the new wing named after Nikki. Scott’s to find a venue for a concert – to make this a special event for Nikki. You’re senior VP of special projects – this is a special project, he reminds when Scott turn up his nose at the menial task.

At the ranch, Tessa ends a call with Noah then hands Nikki a to-do list for the benefit. Yes, she’s seeing Noah tonight; just hanging out. Nikki’s pleased – he had a bad break up. If you don’t want me to see Noah, just say so, Tessa jumps to conclusions.

Neil understands Ashley’s feelings with regards to Dina but can’t deny he likes the woman. ‘You hardly know her’, Ashley agrees. Neil thinks this an opportunity to mend fences with her Mother (as he did before his Mother died) Oh, Dina has a suite right upstairs, Neil says casually as he leaves.

When Jack comes knocking, Dina’s assistant leaves them to chat about him and the business. Your needs have always been well looked after, Admittedly skeptical, Jack asks who she was trying to kid with that interview about ‘family’. Dina claims she wasn’t being selfish – it was self-preservation. Does Jack want her to go back to Paris?

Should I book Adele? Scott claims he’s asking a serious question as he continues to imply that the task is beneath him – but is sorry when reminded that Nikki has MS. Victor wants his wife to be the featured performer to give others hope. Now onboard, Scott heads off on his mission.

Chelsea lies and lies to Ms Lewis (who’s new and not familiar with Chloe’s case; records indicate she was released in October 2015) No, that date has no significance, Chelsea lies some more – our Mother died and left Chloe money she has to claim within 30 days. Ms Lewis is sorry but she can’t provide information. Perhaps Chelsea needs to SHOW her how important finding Chloe is.

Back at CL’s, Sharon assumes that Victor’s thrilled that Chelsea’s looking for Chloe. Nick changes the subject to her schoolwork and volunteering at the crisis line. This is the part of Sharon Nick always admired (he almost looks smitten) Scott arrives in need of a friendly face (which isn’t Nick’s)

Nick hears of Scott’s new role at NE after Nikki nixed Victor’s autobiography. You don’t owe him any loyalty. If you ever want to sling some drinks at a cool bar lemme know, Nick says then exits to pause on the patio to watch Scott with Sharon.