Friday, May 19th

Breakfast eaten, Dina claims she was suffocating in that marriage. Did it ever cross your mind to contact us when selling your company to someone in GC?? Jack rants. Dina thought he would like her selling to his friend. You didn’t even give us a heads up! Jack’s pissed. Family time?! We never had ‘family time’. Not even after he had his tonsils removed (not his appendix) Dina doesn’t want to rehash the past – she wants a fresh start. Jack doesn’t ‘hate’ Dina; he barely knows her.

An irked Nikki asks Tessa why she assumes she’s not welcome to date Noah. Sure he had a privileged upbringing but he’s not like that – we don’t see you as a charity case. Nikki’s never thought that Tessa’s not good enough for Noah – you got that? People like you for who you are, she’s frustrated that Tessa feels inferior. Victor then calls to summon Nikki to his office. In a ‘meeting’ with Tessa? Bring her too.

At the club’s bar, Graham chats up Ashley – he’s visiting from Paris. What brings you here? Ashley enquires. Ashley! Dina appears (with Jack and now Graham at her side) She and Jack just have breakfast together, she gloats. We saw your pathetic performance on GC Buzz, Ashley snarls.

Jack tries but fails to hustle Ashley off to work – you’ve expressed enough for today. After Graham leads Dina out for a nice walk, Ashley scolds Jack (who only heard their Mother out is all) Please tell me you don’t believe anything she has to say – you know she’s lying!

Now at the park cafe, Scott tells Sharon that he couldn’t turn down Victor’s job but feels he should be doing more important things. Sharon asks about the intelligence work Scott did – she’s enjoying getting to know him and feels he needed to talk about it. You can trust me, she assures.

Chelsea throws an envelope of cash on Ms Lewis’ desk – an expression of gratitude for looking past the rules to help Chloe. Ms Lewis won’t break the law but will present a hypothetical scenario. Firing up her laptop, Ms Lewis explains that if a patient got a temporary discharge and then perpetrated a crime, like a hit and run, she would be moved to another facility. Chelsea wants to hear more about said facility; hypothetically of course.

Nikki’s pleasantly surprised to find the dean of the medical school in Victor’s office and further surprised to hear that she’s to perform at the event. This was your idea dear, Nikki addresses Victor (who also enlists Tessa to perform before dismissing her and the dean) Now alone, Nikki warns Victor that whatever he’s trying to gain, he won’t.

On the patio, Nick leaves Chelsea a message – wondering if she found anything – give me a call. Abby then strolls in to say that Dad gave her more responsibility – and a new partner (Scott) What do you know about this guy? Nick asks a loaded question.

Back at the cafe, Scott tells Sharon that when he was based as a journalist in London he was tasked with gathering evidence on an arms dealer through his wife – things got complicated. The wife was living in fear. They became involved and Scott contacted his handlers to end the operation. They put the husband away but not the wife (an innocent victim he protected) That’s when Scott decided to go to the Middle East.