Friday, May 19th

Still in Victor’s office, Nikki shouts – she didn’t ask for any of this! Playing an open mic at Underground isn’t the same as giving a concert! Alright! I’ll do it – only to help the cause. That’s not the only reason and you know it, Victor challenges.

Nikki knows Victor hopes to make her think ‘how will I live without you?’ You make me sound like an addiction – no one will love you as I do, Victor says before leaving Nikki to shudder (knowing he’s right)

Scott’s not proud of what he did but it sounds like Sharon is – you put your life on the line for love; incredibly brave ~kiss~

Scott’s arrogant and full of himself but smart – he may not like Dad but he’s loyal to him, Abby sums it up. Nick knows Victor feels like he owns Scott. With a hug, Abby heads inside to see Zack. Paperwork already in order, he’s given keys. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, he thanks Abby (who agrees they’ll do great things together) Having seen the pair, Tessa’s on the phone – I saw him, he didn’t see me. I want to keep it that way.

Patients who go to more secure facilities aren’t there voluntarily, Ms Lewis wishes she could help. Chelsea will find out this info with or without her help, so … Ms Lewis jots down a Louisiana address and takes the envelope.

Still at the club, Jack doesn’t understand why Ashley can’t be civil with their mother. Ashley knows Dina invited Jack to breakfast (not her) to soften him the one person she could always get to – you. No, she didn’t get to me, Jack claims – but he won’t waste this time with his Mother.

Next: That was a nasty virus, Phyllis says as she walks into Jack’s office. I bet the weather in LA helped too, Jack replies…. That clip aired on MY show, Hilary blasts Lily – If there’s blowback think what it could do to ME … Juliet tells Billy that she should have asked for a confirmation email but she was too rushed. Cane walks into the office – don’t do that – this mess falls on Billy, not you.

My Thoughts: What did I just watch? Dina’s mouth does something strange when she tells Jack ‘I always do’ (make a profit) It was like she closed her mouth in three separate moves. I thought she had a stroke mid-sentence. Are we supposed to give a rats ass about the grown Abbott children’s Mommy issues? Isn’t it clear that they neither have to love or hate their Mother? Send her flowers every Mother’s Day and leave it at that – get over it … How does Scott get away with talking to TGVN like he didn’t spend 10 million to save his life? If Victor wants you to sort her shoes you damn well better do it …. You can trust me, Sharon tells Scott with a straight face. Considering his line of work is intelligence, he’s showing a remarkable lack of it by mooning over Sharon. A quick Google will give plenty of reasons to distrust Sharon. That said, it seems the writers are done trashing a once enjoyable character (for now anyway) But this complete 180 is a bit extreme. Sharon’s gone from being a mental patient to counseling vulnerable people calling into a hotline? It’s nice that she’s volunteering but when was the last time she saw or mentioned Faith? And why on earth would Ms Lewis risk her new job to put an intimidating woman she doesn’t know on the trail of a woman her facility has treated?? And why is Nick looking at Sharon like she’s a pastry fresh from the oven? Hasn’t that ship sailed? And sorry to say but JM is yesterday’s news, replaced by Too-Hot-Scott.