Monday, May 22nd

Billy and Phyllis enter BnS; he’s not optimistic Vikki can save the deal – his joke shouldn’t be a huge scandal. Phyllis is sure it will work out OK ~kiss~ and heads off to work when Juliet arrives. Billy again gripes about his innocent joke being taken the wrong way.

At home, Cane rants about the miscommunication. If he knew Vikki was going to air the footage live he would have said ‘don’t do it’. Lily wonders why he’d want to stop them from promoting their hard work.

Chelsea’s home too – updating Nick on her successful trip to the facility in San Diego – she’s one step closer to finding Chloe.

Victor’s very pleasantly surprised when Dina Mergeron drops by his office.

In Jack’s office, Ashley and her brother are again bickering about their Mother (who Jack’s willing to give a chance) Phyllis enters to announce that she’s back to work after recovering from a nasty virus. Knowing she was in LA, Jack bets the weather helped.

At GC Buzz, Mariah and Hilary talk about their respective interviews with Dina, Julie Chen and Lily (who makes Hilary’s skin crawl – but as a professional, she’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done)

**No time for proofreading etc today. Happy Victoria Day Canada!!

Cane feels bad that thanks to the behind the scenes footage Lily’s commercial might not air. She’s more worried about BnS – and may have other options now; Barry Stickler wants to sign me for acting or hosting – Whaddaya think?

How did Jack know Phyllis went to LA? Hearing she was sick he sent over soup. No one was there to receive the delivery. Ashley wonders why the sneaking around since Phyllis and Billy are now ‘out in the open’. And what’s up with Billy’s gambling comment? Jack doesn’t seem to care that Vikki’s company and Billy’s future are in jeopardy.

Back in Victor’s office, Dina mentions someone from NE calling her about her company. She and Jack are making amends; Ashley, not so much. Victor recalls Ashley being upset to hear that John wasn’t her biological Father, then raves about Abby; she’s loyal to both the Newman and Abbott families. Remembering how Ashley conceived Abby and let everyone think she was Brad’s, Dina implies she’s a hypocrite. Victor correctly guesses she’d like him to help bridge the gap between Mother and daughter.

Chloe and Nick go over Chloe being transferred to another facility after trying to run over Adam. Odd that no one knew – Chloe’s a master of keeping secrets. So is whoever helped her all this time, Nick adds.