Monday, May 22nd

Dina barely knows her children and Abby’s a complete stranger to her. Victor can relate; he wishes he and Adam had made amends. Dina hopes that means he’ll help her (even though Ashley won’t like it) Exiting Victor’s office, Dina calls Graham. She and Abby don’t notice passing one another.

Barry Strickland’s a big name, Cane encourages Lily to go for it. Thank you, she gives him a hug and hopes he can go easy on his BnS teammates; see this mess as just a mistake.

Billy doesn’t need Aspirin; he needs to hear from Vikki. Maybe she’s waiting to yell at us in person, Juliet knows someone needs to take the fall.

Vikki’s in Toronto doing damage control. Phyllis knows Jack doesn’t care – you tried to get this hockey deal by playing dirty. After Ashley sends Phyllis back to work, Jack’s delighted to have a front row seat to Billy’s downfall.

Abby’s surprised to hear that she just passed Dina and that she was there to discuss HER. Victor suggests she get to know her grandmother. Did she ask to meet me? Uh, no, Victor admits.

Not understanding why Jack can forgive his Mother but not his brother, Ashley marches out of his office and immediately gets a text from Victor requesting a meeting; it’s important.

Lily’s at GC Buzz to get a copy of her interview with Hilary – who warns that she’s just another pretty face in Hollywood. Don’t get your hopes up. Barry thinks I can get into acting or hosting, Lily can see that anyone can do that. Mariah referees – the interview did well; it’s win-win. Lily hints that all is not well.

As Juliet blames herself, Cane arrives to say she shouldn’t – this falls on Billy, not you.

Juliet referees as Cane and Billy blame one another – we all make mistakes, we’re on the same side – chill. After she steps out to take a call, Cane and Billy continue to argue about whether or not to spend money on the commercial.

Updated on the BnS-hockey league fiasco, Hilary’s only concern is herself. This aired on MY show – think of how this will affect ME, she glares at Lily.

Chelsea and Nick discuss Chloe some more. This second facility is just outside New Orleans. Maybe she met her rich accomplice and fake passport there. Chelsea’s determined to follow her lead – if she ‘hits a wall’ she’ll break through it. I’ll use every trick I have to get Adam the justice she deserves. Nick looks concerned.

Meeting Ashley on the CL’s patio, Victor shares his regret re his relationship with Adam. There’s no greater pain than being rejected by one’s own children. Ashley thinks Dina has a lot of nerve to enlist Victor – and he has a lot of nerve for going along with it.