Tuesday, May 23rd

Hilary arrives at BnS in time to hear Cane tell Juliet that he’ll never forgive himself for what happened between them in Tokyo. As for this mess with the hockey league, it’s out of their hands now.

Tessa and Reed are practicing at Underground when they take a break due to Tessa being unable to get the chords right. Noah comes over to say he’s sure that she’s still bothered by the incident with the drunk guy who heckled her the other night. Why lie and say she’s not?

In Dina’s suite, Abby wonders why her grandmother wants to get to know her NOW. Your Mother kept us apart, Dina lies. You could have reached out to me, Abby points out that she lived in London (not far from Paris) Dina admits she has no excuse – she was afraid. From what little Abby knows, nothing frightens Dina. Your Mother does, she claims.

In Jack’s office, Ashley finds her ‘ecstatic’ brother full of himself and hockey puns. He’s practically giddy about Billy’s fall from grace. And now it’s funeral euphemisms. Jack won’t shed a tear if BnS goes under and doubts Ashley would either.

Lily comes in juggling groceries and her phone when her suddenly teenage daughter comes home from school.

Noah doesn’t mean to upset Tessa and is happy when she cracks a smile. Tonight’s plans? Won’t work – Tessa’s busy helping Nikki with the benefit. When Kendall comes looking for Reed, Tessa shouts out for him so she’s not left alone with Noah. Reed’s disappointed that Zoey’s not with Kendall – who suggests they catch a movie (since they had fun the last time) Reminding that he’s dating Zoey, Reed agrees but wants to make it a group outing. After Kendall leaves, Noah encourages Tessa to confide what’s wrong.

No comment! Juliet barks into her phone. Getting a text from Hilary (who thinks she can help) Juliet then heads out to GC Buzz.

Ashley doesn’t like having BnS in Jabot’s building but doesn’t want it (or Billy) to go under. On his way out, Jack suggests she protect their Mother like she does Billy. When Ravi comes along to express concern, Ashley asks if he can make an app to make her Mother disappear.

Despite what Abby’s heard, Dina has feelings too – her decision haunts her every day. Why did you leave your family? Abby asks. Dina was young and selfish; took the easy way out. Nothing she can say will ease Ashley’s pain or her own guilt. Told that she’s old enough to make her own mind up, Abby’s alarmed when Dina smiles and takes her hand. You want us to have a relationship? she looks unsure.

Dina hopes to spend more time with Abby; who extricated her hand and stands – it’s too late. Dina then brings up Victor – he’s so proud of you. Yes, we go back. Abby confesses that she called about Mergeron and lets it slip that she too doesn’t always see eye to eye with Victor or Vikki. Dina continues to play loving grandma – don’t say it’s too late.