Monday, May 22nd

Victor understands that Ashley’s angry that Dina hid her paternity for years but here’s an opportunity to heal the wounds. Ashley’s grateful that Victor saved her but won’t be guilted into softening her stance. Asked to let Abby make her own mind up, Ashley correctly assumes that Dina sees a parallel in her hiding Abby’s paternity from Victor. I never cheated on anyone – Brad always knew, Ashley’s one regret is Victor missing out on lost years with Abby. Victor has made up for lost time but who knows how much time Dina has left.

With a kiss, Chelsea promises to keep Nick updated on anything she finds. Thanks for being in my corner.

This IS about me, Hilary insists – and my credibility. We need to get in front of this. Mariah suggests they bring Billy on to tell his side. When Lily agrees it’s a good idea, Hilary leaves to pitch it.

Jack doesn’t mind at all that Billy’s on his floor to see Phyllis. Congrats on the candid footage – you really outdid yourself, he smirks.

Sorry if he overstepped, Victor reminds Ashley how he made amends with the Mother who dropped him off at an orphanage. Jack agrees with you, Ashley confides. Victor knows it’s her business but regret is a poison. Mend fences with the only Mother you have. Nice seeing you. Ashley’s left to think.

Dina’s SO glad that Abby responded to her message (and showing up at her suite) I fear your Mother’s made me out to be a monster – I want to change all that.

Did you stop by Vegas to make that bet you talked about? Jack sneers at Billy then tells Phyllis ‘he’s all yours’. She then explains that she told Jack because he and Ashley saw Hilary’s show. Billy can’t ‘just get out of here’ – he has to get the kids from school because Vikki’s out of town. I’ll call you later, Phyllis watches Billy leave (as does Jack)

Back down at BnS, Juliet beats herself up for not being diligent. Vikki was right to look at me like a ‘half-wit’. At least our mistake didn’t hurt anyone. Cane’s glad Juliet realizes they made a mistake. He’s ashamed of what happened in Tokyo. As luck would have it, Hilary is outside the door eavesdropping.

Next: First you tell me you’re fine then you’re biting my head off – what is going on? Noah asks Tessa … You have done the same thing in your life, Dina remarks. I never abandoned my child, Ashley snarls. But you lied about her paternity for years, Dina fires back … I can not believe you spent the night with him in Tokyo, Hilary confronts Juliet.