Wednesday, May 24th

Jack suspects that Nikki’s staying so busy because she’s trying to avoid something or someone – level with me. OK, I’ll tell you, Nikki sighs.

Nikki admits that she and Victor are having some marital issues – but we’ll work through it, there won’t be a divorce. Loving Nikki more than he hates Victor, Jack considers her family (moreso than members of his real family) You saw Dina, Nikki guesses immediately.

Tessa ends her performance to applause, a hug from Noah and an offer from Devon (who wants to sign her to his new company) Tessa’s flattered but needs to think about it.

Billy clarifies; Vikki knows he’s dating Phyllis. We’re better as friends, co-workers and co-parents. He doesn’t think Reed should compare this to his relationship with Zoey – it’s completely different.

Charlie didn’t know his new girl had a boyfriend. She’s a liar and a cheater, Maddie declares – and you are too. Sending the kids to do the dishwasher, Lily shows Cane the flashdrive Hilary delivered. Weird right?

Billy understands why Billy’s upset to see him kissing Phyllis – but he and Vikki are open and honest with one another. We both love those kids upstairs. Reed’s glad Billy’s their Dad and not his.

At the revolving door, Nikki and Jack are both glad he’s getting a chance to reconnect with his Mother. And she feels a lot better after her confiding in Jack. As they share a prolonged hug, a surprised Phyllis watches from the bar.

Cane puts the flashdrive aside – we’ll watch it tomorrow, he whispers something in Lily’s ear. Oh, you brash and sassy man, she giggles. Hand in hand, they run upstairs, leaving the flashdrive on the laptop.

Next: A woman tells Chelsea and Nick that she can tell them about Chloe for the right price … Do you know where that flashdrive flashdrive? Cane searches frantically. Tell me you haven’t sent it to your agent, he implores of Lily … Victoria Newman, I respectfully tender my resignation, Billy tells Vikki.

My Thoughts: Well duh, yeah, Billy’s relationship with Vikki is NOTHING like Reed’s situation with Zoey – they’re kids who’ve known each other for a few months… When Jack makes a comment about considering Nikki family, how did she immediately conclude that he was talking about Dina and not Billy?? … I wonder who will be the one to plug the flashdrive in and seen Juliet confessing to a one night stand with Cane. I don’t know why he’s so worried. He forgave Lily for sleeping with Joe Clark TWICE so she’s still cheated twice as much as he has. As jarring as it was to see Charlie and Maddie all grown up, it’s more annoying that the writers are hitting us over the head with their distinct and opposite personalities – we get it; Maddie is the good girl, Charlie is a handful … Tessa made a ‘mixed tape’ for Nikki’s benefit? Who even makes a mixed tape anymore? And Tessa should realize that the music will be geared towards the guests, older and wealthier than a 20-something indie folk singer who until recently lived in her car … Hello, Billy – you are being stalked – go see Paul immediately to file for a restraining order on Phyllis… Hamilton-Winters really needs to hire some scouts. They won’t be very successful handpicking local talent and companies for sale they stumble across.