Wednesday, May 24th

Reed tells Billy that Zoey threw him under the bus at CL’s – telling everyone that he ignores her because of his music. Both he and Billy suspect that Kendall set this up deliberately. After Reed goes upstairs, Billy is surprised when Phyllis shows up. She didn’t like the way they left things – what’s going on with you?

Juliet thinks Hilary too smart to go public with this. With no proof, she can’t risk a slander lawsuit and losing her only asset (GC Buzz) to the Ashby’s. She has too much to lose. Cane’s almost hyperventilating.

Lily scolds Charlie as she puts his sports gear away. Of course she bragged about him in LA. Hilary then drops by with a flashdrive of Lily’s interview. She came instead of Mariah because she feels a sense of responsibility.
somewhat responsible if BnS loses the hockey deal – this interview might be all Lily has left of her fleeting fame. Perhaps Cane should have been as hands on with this project as he was in Tokyo. Lily claims that Cane gives his all to everything he does. On her way out, Hilary warns Lily to pre-screen the flashdrive before sending it anywhere. Closing the door, Lily opens her laptop to do just that – as the phone rings.

Back at Underground, Noah tells Mariah about Tessa’s run in with some guy from her past – it spooked her enough that she wants to leave town. Mariah’s left to tell Tessa that Noah’s worried about her. He trusts Tessa so Mariah does too. Tessa isn’t a trusting person (which Mariah gets too since she grew up in a cult) She thinks Tessa could have a happy life if she trusted the right people (meaning Noah)

Jack approves of the concert Victor planned for Nikki (who’s nervous about performing and suspects Victor just wants to swoop in to her rescue) What makes you think that? Jack’s puzzled.

What was Juliet’s emergency? Lily asks when Cane comes home to easily deflect her with a hug.

Billy assures Phyllis that all is well – we’re good. Phyllis understands that he’s being a dedicated Dad. As they kiss at the front door, Reed stops in his tracks on the staircase.

Tessa won’t leave town without warning and agrees to come over to Mariah’s Mom’s for a girls night. Asking Tessa to perform first, Noah shares a smile with Mariah as she takes the stage to say that she was going to sing a song about goodbyes but has changed her mind.

Maddie wants to see Lily’s commercial. Not until it’s edited, she’s told. Cane’s brought home a gift for Lily – a framed photo of her billboard. Charlie tells his family about a new girl he met – and her emo-punk, ‘nothing burger’ boyfriend.

After Phyllis leaves, Reed wants to know what’s going on. He’s definitely not cool with Billy dating Phyllis. Your Mom and I are friends, Billy reminds that they divorced. Reed still can’t believe Billy would do that to his Mom.