Friday, May 26th

Back at GC Buzz, Lily accuses Hilary of playing games because she’s jealous that her careers taking off (thanks to Barry) Hilary’s not threatened at all and laughs when Lily asks for a favour; a copy of her other appearance on the show – and the rest of the footage deleted. As Lily watches over her should, Hilary will show Lily’s ‘beady little eyes’ everything she needs to see.

As a team player, Cane won’t question Vikki’s decision. Billy arrives to take Vikki into her office – should I pack my things? Vikki rejects his resignation and has an assignment for him; a new tie in with the hockey league. She fired Juliet and needs Billy to get his head in the game. However, there will be consequences for what he did in LA.

Still at the station, Hilary ends a call to tell Lily that the segment has been taken off the website and every trace of the footage is gone. No backup file somewhere? On her laptop, Hilary does have this file entitled ‘Juliet and her Romeo’ – wanna see it? Theo comes along to update Hilary that a guest has canceled her appearance. Warning Hilary that she doesn’t want to backstab Billy and Vikki, Lily leaves.

Back at BnS, Vikki tells Billy that his budget will get slashed. He promises to be more careful and earn back Vikki’s trust. Never mind rescheduling a trip with the kids – he wants to focus on work. Vikki’s OK with that.

Scott gives Victor a list of all the concerts held at Chancellor Park (which took him 20 seconds to compile) He’ll do every menial task Victor gives him but would rather be searching for Chloe. Kindly close the door behind you, Victor dismisses him. In the hallway, Abby wants to know what Scott was discussing with her Father. Not everything revolves around you, Scott walks off. Victor’s left to flashback to dropping Chloe off at Dr Harris’. You promised me a new life, she complains. And you promised you wouldn’t murder my son, Victor replies.

Dr Harris repeats – he doesn’t know where Chloe is. She murdered Adam Newman, Chelsea won’t leave until she sees the records of who visited Chloe at the facility.

In the conference room, Cane doesn’t think it cool that Juliet took the fall for his mistake. Billy feels terrible – but Vikki wouldn’t accept his resignation. Go talk to her. Cane adds that Juliet doesn’t have a rich family to back her up – Billy should have manned up.

Hilary joins Juliet at the GCAC bar as she orders another drink – looks like you could use some company. She’s sorry she asked about the one night stand with Cane; it’s none of my business. Hilary’s then stunned to hear that she was the one fired; Vikki threw her under the bus. If Juliet wants to vent, Hilary’s there to listen.

Flashback to Chloe’s distress when Dr Harris joins her and Victor – she doesn’t want their help getting well. Given an injection, Chloe’s knocked out as Victor asks if all the doors and windows are secure. Yes, as are all electronics. Dr Harris has a phone to reach Victor – and now a wad of cash.

Abby interrupts Victor’s flashback to assume that he’s thinking about Adam. Victor’s not heartless – there’s nothing worse than to find out that one of your own children can’t be trusted. Abby would never want him to feel that way. Victor asks her to always be honest with him and not go behind his back.

Dr Harris claims that Chloe never had any visitors, she claimed she had no family. Chelsea wonders why she’d cut off her family – no calls or letters? Nope, Dr Harris would know. He’s sorry he couldn’t help – and hopes they get Chloe the help she needs. Claiming she dropped her keys, Chelsea gets a good look at Chloe’s sketch on her way out.