Monday, May 29th

Chloe eavesdrops as Dr Harris is on the phone with Victor. They (Chelsea and Nick) are gone but suspicious. There’s no other way but the ‘nuclear option’ – Victor hoped it wouldn’t come to this. I’ll take care of her, Dr Harris hangs up to tell Chloe ‘we need to talk’.

What have you done now? Nikki walks into Victor’s office to ask accusingly.

In a hotel room, Chelsea insists that what she saw wasn’t just a doodle, it was a detailed sketch of a wedding dress she designed for Chloe. Please go back with me, she pleads with Nick – I’m sure Chloe’s in that house.

At Jabot, Jack asks Phyllis why she’s upset – has Vikki finally pulled the trigger? No, Billy wasn’t fired. Oh, good news (Jack knows it isn’t)

Dining at the GCAC, Abby notes her Mom’s out of sorts. Yes, Ashley knows that she visited her grandmother. Then why meet here? Abby wonders what her Mom plans to do.

At Nick’s request, Chelsea tells Nick exactly what she saw – a sketch of a unique wedding dress she designed for Chloe. Why would Dr Harris take such a risk? Nick’s skeptical. Chelsea won’t give up, with or without Nick.

Dr Harris wonders why Chloe looked so frightened. He’ll protect her from the people who came looking for her. Both he and Victor want Chloe to be safe and well. Time for meds. Chloe wishes she wasn’t so confused and sleepy but is happy Bella’s with her Father. Dr Harris is sure the meds will help (unaware that Chloe only pretended to take the pill now hidden in her hand)

Jack gushes about Vikki being so kind to Billy; such a show of faith after he killed the hockey deal. He’s not surprised to hear that Vikki saved the deal; she gets what she wants. When Phyllis agrees that Billy used poor judgment, Jack declares her and Billy the king and queen of bad judgment. Reminded that Victor is the cause of their failed marriage, Jack won’t accept excuses for lying and cheating. Who are we talking about now? Phyllis shuts Jack up.

Back at the GCAC, Ashley assures Abby that she won’t cause a scene with Dina and isn’t upset that Abby met her grandmother; it’s natural. Abby relays that Dina’s afraid of Ashley. You haven’t forgiven her. Ashley will let Abby make her own decisions. Abby has to say – Dina seems vulnerable and scared, she likes her. Ashley knows it’s a technique. On cue, Dina comes over (with Graham) She and Abby are both surprised when Ashley suggests an Abbott family dinner.

Still in Jack’s office, Phyllis asks him about his Mother and points out that she’s not seeing someone who’s married. I saw you with Nikki. You’ve been sniffing about that marriage for weeks, wondering if Victor and Nikki were having problems. Jack can deny all he wants but Phyllis knows what she saw.