Friday, May 26th

Scott accosts Abby in the park to chide her for going shopping – what’s in her bag probably cost more than what most people make in a year. I work hard for my money, Abby fires back – stop acting like you’re a street urchin out of a Dicken’s novel. She shops at Fenmores, the store Scott’s grandfather started. We thank you for your patronage, Scott smirks at the ‘patron saint of retail’. Saying that Scott’s no better than she is, Abby finally huffs off.

Over martinis, Juliet pours her heart out to Hilary – she let Cane take all the credit for the Tokyo deal. Hilary’s totally on Juliet’s side – this says something about Vikki’s leadership. Juliet worries about her bills and loans – she uprooted her life for this job and there’s nothing she can do about it. I don’t know about that, Hilary sips her drink.

Billy’s sure Juliet will be fine – she’s smart and ambitious. Cane’s just pissed off that he won’t be Vikki’s right-hand man. Cane believes that Vikki will one day see Billy for what he is and get rid of him. Billy doubts that – accept me or find another job.

Phyllis drops by to congratulate Vikki on saving the hockey deal. Vikki confirms that she’d never accept Billy’s resignation – I need him. As Cane walks out, Billy chirps ‘see you later buddy’. Billy gives Phyllis a quick kiss and is happy to say he still has a job. Vikki’s happy too – we’re still a team. Phyllis does NOT look happy.

Vikki’s sure they’ll get through this crisis stronger than ever – she didn’t want to fire Juliet but Billy’s much more important to BnS. It’s difficult when two people want the same thing, Phyllis glares at Vikki – there’s always a winner and a loser.

At home, Lily’s sorry that poor Juliet was fired. Cane agrees – it’s not right that she suffered for Billy’s mistake. She must be upset but Lily’s hopeful that this leads to another opportunity for Juliet.

Juliet continues to whine to Hilary – I have zero leverage. You have more power than you realize, Hilary replies.

Back in the car, Chelsea tells Nick that the return visit wasn’t a bust. After seeing a sketch pad, she’s sure that Dr Harris knows exactly where Chloe is.

Dr Harris calls Victor – he covered but they’re suspicious. Victor hoped it wouldn’t come to this but it’s time for the nuclear option. Looking afraid, Chloe listens.

Next: What have you done now? Nikki scowls at Victor as he looks out of the window in his office…. Chelsea tells Nick that she’s positive Chloe’s in that house…. Ready to strike, Chloe raises something above Dr Harris’ head as he bends down.