Monday, May 29th

The last time Nikki was summoned to Victor’s office she was manipulated into giving a concert; what emotional blackmail is on the agenda this evening? Staring out his window, Victor updates that Nick went with Chelsea to find Chloe. You have to stop him! Nikki’s alarmed – what’s to stop Nick from telling Chelsea that YOUR actions lead to Adam’s death!? If the truth comes out and hurts this family again it will be YOUR fault, not Nick’s.

Arriving at CL’s in time to catch a bin of dishes Sharon’s about to drop, Scott gives her a kiss. Kevin appears to hear that they’re ‘dating’ – it’s nice to see. Updating that Bella asks about her Mom, Kevin’s reassured that Victor’s people will find Chloe. Kevin’s sure he will.

Dr Harris praises Chloe’s sketching – you like drawing clothes. I like pretty things, Chloe says. As Dr Harris bends down to pick up a pencil Chloe drops, she raises a pair of scissors about his head to strike.

Dr Harris turns around before Chloe can stab him in the back. I’m so sorry, she weeps – I’m so scared. Dr Harris only wants to help Chloe. I’d never hurt you, she cries – those people shook me up. Dr Harris promises Chloe that there’s nothing to be scared of. He then gets a call – Nick got his number off the Internet. Sorry to bother you. My wife’s obsessed and might go to the police. Can you come talk to her? Having nothing to hide, Dr Harris agrees, takes down the address, and reassures Chloe on his way out. You’re a natural and this, Chelsea praises Nick’s lying skills.

Traci’s in Chicago and would like to come see you tonight, Ashley informs Dina (who introduces Graham to Abby) Graham running up to fetch Dina’s phone, the three ladies chat at the revolving door. Thrilled to be invited for dinner, Dina will be there at 8pm. After Ashley and Abby leave, Phyllis pauses to chat with Dina – and is immediately shut up with a cold reminder that she cheated on Jack with his brother.

Taking Ravi into Jack’s office, Ashley surprises him by saying she took his advice – she took action by inviting her Mother over for dinner tonight.

Meanwhile, at NE, Victor’s not having any of Nikki’s blame nonsense. She hurts when her children suffer because of what Victor’s actions, and because she thought he had changed. I DID step up, Victor barks. Nikki’s accepted his excuses and apologies, even broken the law for Victor. She has no more forgiveness in her.

In Nick’s hotel room, Dr Harris wonders why he sent his wife out on an errand. Nick wants to know about Victor Newman – he signed off on Chloe’s release papers. I’m his son – I know the truth. Because of your greed, Chloe was freed to murder my brother, Adam. Dr Harris thought Chloe was better, you can’t blame a murder on me (not without implicating your own Father) Nick demands to know if he’s taking care of Chloe for Victor. And when Dr Harris tries to leave, he slams the door. Chelsea is at Dr Harris’ locked front door.

Scott tells Kevin that Victor doesn’t have to follow the law and has deep pockets – he’s motivated to find Chloe. If he paid 10 mil to save me, he’ll do whatever it takes to find the woman who killed his son. Sharon wonders if Kevin wants Chloe to remain free. Not wanting Chloe in an orange jumpsuit or a straight jacket, Kevin hopes no one finds her. Meanwhile, Chelsea manages to pick the lock on Dr Harris’ door.