Monday, May 29th

Still at the club’s revolving door, Phyllis blames Victor for her and Jack divorcing. It’s Dina’s fault that he has a hard time trusting women. With good reason, Dina smirks. You slept with Jack’s brother and destroyed their relationship – at least SHE didn’t cheat with any of John’s family members. What Dina did decades ago doesn’t affect Jack, she’s sure. Phyllis fought for her son – and don’t hurt Jack any more than you already have, she warns Dina.

In Jack’s office, Ashley updates him on the family dinner at his place tonight. Ravi’s credited with her change of heart. Humbled by Jack’s praise, Ravi just hopes this dinner is healing. After he leaves, Jack asks Ashley what really happened.

When Ashley rants about having to be nice to Dina, Jack wonders why. Abby wants to know her grandmother and Ashley’s listening to Jack, Traci and Ravi. It’s a one-time thing that won’t change anything for Ashley (who hopes Dina leaves them to get back to their lives)

Dina was ‘desperately unhappy’ when married to John and not cut out to be a parent – that’s why she left. Yes, she hurt Jack but will make up for it. Can Phyllis say the same? Dina leaves her to think about it.

We’ll both have to live with this, Nikki still worries about Chelsea or the police finding Chloe – what then? Never mind, Nikki hurries out and looks sick in the hallway. Getting a call from Nick, Victor blasts him for helping Chelsea. It’s over, Nick interrupts – Dr Harris admitted everything and is taking us to Chloe.

Chelsea tip toes around Dr Harris’ home and gasps when coming across Chloe’s motionless body laying on the floor.

Next: Abby and Traci look up from the dinner table as Dina tells Jack that he and Ashley always had sibling rivalry – that’s something a Mother never forgets…. Victor’s head is almost on his desk when Nikki peeks her head into hiss office – they found Chloe didn’t they …. Chloe! Wake up! Chelsea shakes her shoulder. Wake up!!!