Tuesday, May 30th

In his office, Victor’s arguing with Nick on the phone – you don’t mind betraying your family, do you? ~click~ Nikki pokes her head in – they found Chloe didn’t they?

In Dr Harris’ living room, Chelsea’s trying to revive Chloe (unconscious with pills and an empty container beside her) Wake up! Chelsea shakes her.

At CL’s, Lily wonders if what Juliet’s mistake justifies her being fired. Some people might think what she did is unforgivable, Hilary replies.

Juliet joins Cane at his table at the club – he’s sorry how this turned out; Billy should have been fired. So you didn’t try to save my job as much as you tried to get Billy fired, Juliet concludes.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci’s greeted by Ashley. Why are they having dinner with their Mother? Ashley’s asking herself the same question.

Jack’s at the club to take his Mother to dinner. As Dina steps aside to take a call, Jack hopes Graham understands why he wasn’t included in this family dinner (he does)

Setting the table, Ashley tells Traci that Ravi’s advice lead to the family dinner. No, Traci hasn’t forgiven her Mother but she was young when Dina left, it was easier for her. Ashley remembers every ugly minute of it. Abby arrives to greet her Mother and Aunt; this should be a night to remember – we can’t take family for granted.

Exiting the revolving door, Dina and Jack are hoping for the best and expect an interesting evening.

Nikki understands that Nick doesn’t want his relationship with Chelsea tainted with distrust. She thinks Victor should be proud of his integrity. Clearly not agreeing, Victor exits his office.

Returning home, Dr Harris finds a frantic Chelsea beside Chloe. What did you do to her?! he asks.

She was like this when I found her, Chelsea lets Dr Harris take over. She’s gone, he tells Chelsea – then makes a call to report a suicide in his home.

Back at CL’s, Lily defends Juliet to Hilary – she was an essential part of the team. Yes, Hilary’s sure Cane valued ‘all of her contributions’. Sure Juliet will be better off, Lily leaves.

Still at the club, Juliet doesn’t appreciate Cane’s attempt to make her feel OK about the job she did (or failed to do)