Tuesday, May 30th

At the Abbott mansion, Dina hugs Traci (who welcomes her back) and then Abby. She then thanks Ashley for arranging this dinner; it means so much to me. After a gentlemanly Jack seats his Mother, all are stunned speechless when she mentions the sibling rivalry between him and Ashley – some things a Mother never forgets. Yes, she remembers Mrs Martinez – the last time Dina was here, Maime was the housekeeper. She practically raised us, Ashley reminds – then assumes Dina will be returning to Paris soon. Asked about Graham, Dina declares him a dear friend who dotes on her.

Dr Harris still on his phone, a weeping Chelsea calls Nick – come over here. No, she’s not OK.

Dina relays her conversation with Phyllis – she’s very protective of Jack. Phyllis thinks him better off without her. Dina agrees with that – cheers. When his Mother talks about how proud Abby’s Father is of her, Jack changes the subject to how well Traci’s doing. Dina is a huge fan of Traci’s novels (though doesn’t seem to know how many she’s written – which leads all to laughing awkwardly)

Cane gives Juliet a list of headhunter; he’ll write her a stellar reference. When Juliet worries that her reputation is tarnished, Cane suggests she return to Japan. She suspects Cane just wants to get rid of her. Both clam up when Lily marches over to ask how Juliet’s holding up.

When Nick arrives at Dr Harris’, Chelsea cries in his arms – I didn’t want this. I wanted to confront her and put her in jail. When Dr Harris needs Chelsea to speak to the EMT’s, Nick steps outside to call Victor (in the stables) Chloe killed herself, he updates – but you’re not off the hook. Chloe can’t tell Chelsea the truth but I can ~click~

Cane was just telling Juliet how unfair it is that she lost her job. Joining them to suggest Juliet get a job with Hamilton Winters, Lily’s surprised to hear that Cane thinks she should go back to Tokyo. Equally surprised to hear that the hockey league won’t let Lily use the footage, Juliet glares at Cane – this IS unfair.

In the stable, Victor takes his frustration out on the punching bag. Nikki appears to scold – I could hear you all the way up the driveway. She’s stunned to hear that Chloe killed herself and that Victor paid a doctor to take care of her. He claims he didn’t tell her (or anyone) so they wouldn’t be implicated.