Tuesday, May 30th

Back at Dr Harris’ house, Chelsea tells the EMT that she found Chloe – but balks when the doctor’s quick to write it off as suicide. Aren’t you going to tell anyone that you hid a killer? Dr Harris relays that Chloe was alarmed when they came looking for her (implying that it’s their fault not his) Yes, Chelsea wants Chloe’s body returned to GC. This isn’t the way it was supposed to end, she looks at Chloe’s sketch – then her body bag being wheeled out.

Dinner over, Dina thanks Mrs Martinez then is escorted to the living room by Jack and Abby. As they follow, Ashley asks it Traci’s buying it (she is) Neither daughter remember their Mother singing to them – perhaps she sang only to Jack. All squirm as a teary Dina warbles ‘I love you to the moon and back ….’ When Jack sits to join in, Traci and Ashley give each other a look. Dina wishes they remembered as Jack does. Traci eases tension between Ashley and Dina by asking Abby to take a selfie of them all.

Victor thought Chloe would be better off with Dr Harris than in an institution. Yes, but Nikki points out that she can no longer implicate Victor (who reminds that Nick can – and likely will tell Chelsea the whole story)

Back at the motel, Nick encourages Chelsea to open up. She cries – Chloe thought she was protecting me from Adam; why didn’t I see that she wasn’t better – that she’d never get over losing Delia. She knew I’d find her and have her put away. This is what she wanted (Chelsea waves the wedding dress sketch in Nick’s face) Yes, but Nick knows that Chelsea wanted justice for her husband – do you feel cheated?

The Ashby’s are now alone at the club to discuss Juliet. Things seemed tense, Lily notes. Cane can’t blame Juliet for being upset but she’ll be OK. Lily thinks him a good friend to her. Cane’s trying to be.

Juliet’s summoned Hilary to the CL’s patio to wonder what she meant by ‘having options’. Cane wants me to move back to Toyko. No – then you’d be out of jurisdiction to file a lawsuit; not for wrongful dismissal, Hilary’s talking about sexual harassment. It’s a slam dunk.

Giving everyone hugs, a still weepy Dina thanks all then leaves with Graham. Aside, Abby agrees with Jack that the evening went well – she’s decided to tell Victor that she went behind her back to start the tech incubator project. In the dining room, Traci tells Ashley that their Mother has changed.

As Victor continues to punch the long bag, Nikki questions him about what Nick will do. Victor doesn’t care of Nick confides in Chelsea – he’s lost his family!

An emotional Chelsea thanks Nick for supporting her. Maybe Adam and Chloe are in a better place now. They’re free of the terrible things they did. The camera pans to a peaceful Chloe laid out on a morgue gurney.

Next: Your little soiree was so successful she may never want to leave, Traci tells Ashley … Before you school me in, boardroom 101 – Dina hands Neil a folder – just remember who you’re talking to… Now home, Chelsea tells Kevin that she’s so sorry, Chloe’s dead.