Wednesday, May 31st

Please come as soon as you can, Chelsea will explain when the person she’s speaking to gets there ~click~ She then opens the door when Victor drops by. Nick told him about their trip to Lousiana and Chloe. Chelsea’s in shock – she feels responsible. Victor claims she’s not guilty of a damn thing.

Nick’s in BnS’s conference room updating Vikki. Yes, Dad knows that Chloe’s dead; that was a surprise but he wasn’t surprised that she was in Louisiana. He hired the Dr to hide Chloe because she was a threat. Dad had no intention of paying for his sins but Chloe paid the ultimate price for hers.

At the GCAC, Neil and Devon hand Dina a tablet holding their list of potential board candidates; an impressive list of heavy hitters, right? No, Dina had hoped some of her colleagues would be hired for the transition. Neil wants independent thinkers to avoid voting blocks. Not appreciating being schooled on ‘boardroom 101’, Dina hands the tablet back – remember who you’re talking to.

Jack gets off the elevator to greet Gloria at her desk. Yes, actually, he DID spend time with another woman last night – he had dinner with his Mother; Ashley’s idea. He hopes it’s the first of many gathering.

Having to leave for her book signing, Traci promises to be back soon – and warns Ashley that their Mother won’t be returning to Paris anytime soon after last night.

Now in his office, Jack tells Gloria that his Mother might stick around for a while. You’re hoping so, Gloria notes. Jack relays he and his Mother having a singalong. Gloria warns Jack to be careful – this woman has hurt you before and might again.

What would keep Dina in town? Abby, Traci suggests – then admits that she felt closer to their Mother last night. She never sang that song to us, Ashley points out. Traci laughs that of as human nature. Dina was more mellow and easy to talk to. She worked to ingratiate herself. Perhaps this trip wasn’t only about business.

Graham takes part when it comes to finances, his specialty. Leave that be, Dina hands the folder back to Neil but denies she doesn’t trust Hamilton Winters to run her company. When Devon excuses himself to the bar to watch Hilary interviewing Julie Chen, Neil agrees with Dina that Hilary’s beautiful – and a whole lot more than that.