Wednesday, May 31st

At GC Buzz, Hilary’s watching the interview with Jordan – vowing to be just as successful as Julie Chen. She’ll prove the naysayers wrong if it’s the last thing she does.

No, Nick hasn’t told Chelsea about Dad and Chelsea – he hates lying but promised Mom. If Dad has a problem with him searching for Chloe with Chelsea he can go to hell.

Back at the penthouse, a weepy Chelsea didn’t want this. But take comfort that Adam’s killer isn’t running around free, Victor concludes – If you need anything …. Chelsea lets Victor out as Kevin arrives to wonder why he was there. Kevin, I’m so sorry – Chloe’s dead, she informs.

Returning to his seat beside Neil, Devon appreciates the advice but wants to run the company he bought his own way. But yes, he will ‘indulge’ Dina (who jokes about taking him up on that if she was 30 years younger) Devon has exciting news regarding the streaming service – signing a new singer, Tessa. How do you plan to preserve MY legacy? Dina shuts him up.

Traci thinks Dina might realize that family is more important than money and work. And now she’ll go to the club to say goodbye to their Mom (she is the nicest Abbott after all) Laughing and exchanging I love you’s, Ashley’s left ponder her sister’s words.

Kevin doesn’t believe it. Chelsea’s sure – I found her. She was on strong medication. But no, she didn’t accidentally OD – she took her own life.

Still at BnS, Nick tells Vikki that there’s now no of threat people finding out that Dad was Chloe’s accomplice. It takes a lot of pressure off – now they don’t have to pretend to be a happy family. Vikki whines about being busy with the kids and Billy being back with Phyllis. Nick hopes she doesn’t plan to forgive Dad now – if you do, he’ll know he can get away with anything.

Back at GC Buzz, Hilary’s back to ranting about Lily. Jordan wants her to stop using Lily as a yardstick ~kiss~ My timing couldn’t be better, Devon comes looking for Mariah (who’s not there) As he congratulates Hilary on her interview with Julie, Jordan looks like a fifth wheel.

After Neil hands Dina over to Traci, Mother and daughter exchange goodbyes. Dina’s disappointed to hear that she won’t have more time with Traci (who looks surprised and touched)

Politely dismissing Gloria, Jack’s left to hear that Ashley can’t get something off her mind (what Traci said about Dina)

Nick arrives at the penthouse to give Kevin his condolences. How did you find Chloe? Where was she? Kevin asks – then blasts them for lying to him about pursuing Chloe. They fill in the gaps that Chloe was moved to Lousiana, then ran back to the doctor who treated her. Mentioning the letters sent from the islands, Kevin won’t believe Chloe was suicidal. He wants to speak to the EMT and doctor himself. Why not? What are you hiding from me!?

Hilary did a fantastic job while WE were in LA, Jordan boasts to Devon. Yes, he asked me to tag along, she also gushes about the trip. With a quick kiss, Jordan leaves Hilary to confide to Devon that they aren’t serious. Then why are you trying to make me jealous? Hilary scoffs – you sent Mariah to work with my dress. You couldn’t even make it up the staircase without taking your clothes off. Devon pounces immediately – you were in the condo!

Victor arrives at BnS to offer Vikki his help with the hockey promotion. No, Vikki doesn’t need his help. I adore you, Victor wants the famiy to be the way it once was.

Nick’s sat Kevin down – he understands why he wants to question the doctor but he’ll just say the same thing – Chloe committed suicide. Chelsea gives Kevin the sketch – this is how she knew the doctor was lying. Kevin looks at a photo on his phone of Chloe wearing the dress. She never stopped thinking about me, Kevin concludes in tears – Chloe’s gone, he sobs.

Now at the bar, Dina tells Traci that she might indeed want to stick around (since her company’s in GC) But she won’t just be staying for work. Don’t be a stranger. With a hug, Traci promises to come back before Dina can miss her. Graham then comes over to warn Dina that they won’t be staying indefinitely.

Ashley can’t believe their Mother had tears in her eyes last night – what if something’s wrong with her; and that’s why she’s reaching out to us? she questions Jack.