Wednesday, May 31st

Devon’s not being ‘ridiculous’. OK, fine – I was there, Hilary confesses that she was getting her things and hid when her and Mariah came home. The picture in her head won’t go away. I was trapped, traumatized, she whines. Devon has a good thing going with Mariah and hopes Hilary’s happy with Jordan. She is.

Kevin gone, Chelsea tells Nick that was hard to do. Nick’s sure he’ll be able to live with what happened – for Bella’s sake and his own. Chelsea couldn’t have gotten through this without Nick.

Kevin mopes his way to his Mother’s room at the club. Without words she opens the door to give her son a hug (as he sobs in her arms)

Vikki hates that the family is a disaster but it’s Victor’s fault (and that they have to lie about it) How can she possibly ignore everything Victor’s done – you were basically holding Chloe prisoner to protect yourself (not her) Chloe’s dead because your brother pursued her. Blame Nick all you want but this is on YOU, Vikki replies.

Cuddling Chelsea, Nick hopes she can put the rage behind her. Can you do that too? she asks. Nick casts a guilty look over her head.

Adam and Chloe might still be alive if Victor didn’t feel the need to control everyone. One day you’ll rue your words, you’ll need my help, Victor knows none of them gave a damn about Adam. And he did NOT kill Chloe.

Supporting her ‘angel’, Gloria looks at Chloe’s sketch – yes, of course she loved you. Kevin prayed they’d see one another again. Knows Chloe did too. It wasn’t enough to save her. I’ll never see her again, hear her voice. How will I tell Ester and Bella? Gloria’s sure he’ll find the strength and the words. You have so much love inside you, especially for that little girl who’s counting on you. Kevin then gets angry – why couldn’t Nick and Chelsea just leave Chloe alone?

Graham reminds Dina that they agreed this would be a brief trip. We must stick to the plan (nothing’s changed in his mind)

Ashley’s convinced something’s going on with Dina – and what’s Graham about? Dina’s the only Mother we have and Ashley’s determined to find out what’s up. Jack jokes – maybe your heart isn’t made of stone. I’m 100% behind you.

Next: Who are you? What is your relationship wiht my Mother? Ashley interrogates Graham … Abby really hopes what she’s about to say doesn’t change things. Does this have to do with the secret you’ve been keeping from me? victor asks … Nick passionately tells his Mom; I want a relationship that’s built on honesty and trust. I don’t want to be like you and Dad.