Thursday, June 1st

Abby’s surprised that Victor’s not firing her – I stole from the company. Victor’s impressed by her guts and determination – many employees have stolen from him (plus Abby returned the money) Never mind that Vikki shot down the project – don’t listen to her. Victor dismissed the idea too hastily and now wants it to be part of Newman (must to Abby’s delight)

Back at CL’s, Sharon suggests Scott see his job as an opportunity instead of an obligation. After repaying your debt to Victor you’ll have experience to work in a business publication. Scott thinks he can put Sharon’s advice to good use – Victor wants to buy a digital media company, a news outlet. Sharon appreciates Scott taking her mind off the divorce.

Phyllis gripes to Jack about Dina berating her at the club – she’d have sewn a scarlet ‘A’ on my chest if she had one. She made me out to be a lying bitch. Jack’s happy that his Mom’s sticking up for him. Phyllis marches off pissed that Jack’s defending a woman who had no time for him (over a woman who loved him with all her heart)

Paul continues to encourage Kevin. He’s there for the ‘badass’. What Kevin needs what no one can give him; justice for Chloe.

Having grown up watching his parents break up and get back together over and over, Nick wants to break that pattern. Nikki wonders if he told Chelsea the role Victor played in Adam’s death. She’s not sure she can survive without Victor. Nick’s aghast and disappointed that his Mom’s considering reconciling with his Dad.

Billy tells Vikki that he wanted to punish Chloe for coming between them. I need some air, he opens the office door to find Phyllis there. All three look uncomfortable.

Vikki declines Phyllis’ offer that she and Billy leave – she has things to do anyway (so hurries out of the office)

At the club’s bar, Graham tells Ashley that it’s time he and Dina return to Paris. Ashley outright asks if her Mother’s here to say goodbye – is she dying?

Vikki’s in the stable to whine about Phyllis and Billy – they wouldn’t be together if she wasn’t keeping Dad’s secret. Now that Chloe’s gone we don’t need to protect Dad. This is about protecting the family, Nikki corrects. Vikki wants to stop pretending and to tell Billy the truth – we have another shot. Vikki also detects that Nikki’s considering taking Victor back forgiving Victor.

When Scott marches into Victor’s office to say he wants in on the digital media acquisition, Victor tells him to draw up an offer for the company. Scott will have it on his desk asap. Kevin then charges in asking Victor to tell him everything he knows about Chloe’s death.

Why does Ashley think her Mother’s dying? Because she’s emotional. Graham points out that no one knows when their number’s up – Dina knows that now. Why do you say ‘now’? Ashley wonders – as Dina comes over. After Graham goes upstairs, Dina tells Ashley that he takes good care of her. Well Ashley doesn’t need a man to take care of her. Of course not, Dina leaves her to think.

Nikki tells Vikki that she’s not sure she’s ready to walk away from Victor. Plus, she needs her family intact to get through her concert. After that, Nikki will decide her future.