Thursday, June 1st

On the CL’s patio, Nick doesn’t understand Chloe choosing death over a psych ward. Sharon does – but would never do that to her children. We may never know why Chloe took her own life.

Scott calms Kevin down. Victor claims that he wants answers as well. Was someone paying the doctor?! Kevin asks. Scott and Victor both think that the doctor’s a good samaritan, not Chloe’s accomplice. Victor thinks Kevin should focus on Bella.

Perched on bales of hay in the stable, Vikki and Nikki both love men they can’t help loving. Nikki hates the way Victor takes her love for granted. Vikki feels like she’s taken Billy for granted. Things are so stressful at work – it hurts seeing Billy with Phyllis.

Back at BnS, Billy’s reminded to be grateful for every moment – life is too short – he’s tired of worrying about what other people think. We make each other happy, he wants to live with Phyllis.

Abby’s in Jack’s office to let him know that she came clean to her Dad (but didn’t share his involvement) Thanks for believing in me, she gives Uncle Jack a hug.

Graham’s ready to take Dina back to Paris. I’m not going, she refuses. As Graham raises his voice and Dina winces in pain, Ashley barges in to ask what’s going on. What are you doing with my Mother?

Pasting a smile on, Dina claims that Graham was helping her pack. I’d never hurt her, Graham adds. Why did you follow me upstairs? Dina wonders. Looking suspicious, Ashley leaves.

Kevin agrees to make Bella his priority; nothing else matters – not anymore. He then exits with Scott, leaving Victor to sigh.

Vikki doesn’t care if Nikki takes Victor back but do something (she’s tired of lying)

Chloe’s death makes Billy realize that life’s too short – let’s live together, get his and hers towels. Let’s do it, Phyllis agrees ~kiss~

Next: Best of luck, Billy wishes Juliet. Oh, I’m going to make my own luck, she smiles …. Seeing you and Cane together is validation that marriage can last, Hilary smirks at Lily – And you can stay absolutely committed to one another…. Paul tells Chelsea that Chloe’s going to be buried today. Today!? Chelsea’s surprised.