Monday, June 26th

Wow, Billy gets out of his car to hug Jill – I did not expect to see you like this ~hug~ I missed you so much, Jill gushes – but enjoyed her trip. How are you? How’s Victoria? Jill isn’t happy to see Phyllis and repulsed when she kisses her son.

At the club, Vikki gets a call from Victor – no, how could I know that? No, not a word. Yes, she’s worried – let me see what I can find out.

Nick comes down to coffee, Chelsea’s humour, I love you’s and a kiss. Vikki’s call interrupts. Slow down, what’s wrong? Nick asks.

Off to work, Chelsea leaves when a ‘freaked out’ Vikki arrives at the penthouse to tell Nick that Mom’s left – Dad has no idea where she is.

At the club, Jack informs that Victor manipulated Nikki into performing at the MS benefit. Nel will go out of his way to show her support. Jack’s sure Nikki will throw herself into this performance – but we both know her weakness is Victor.

Lily and Jordan are at the park for a photoshoot – both knowing that she’s not on her game. People think I’m an idiot for standing by Cane. she whines.

Over lemonade at Cane’s, Collin suggests he take Lily on a vacation. No, the last trip Cane took almost ruined his life. Hanging on by a thread, he could use someone to talk to.

Phyllis welcomes Jill back. Yes, we’re back together and living together, Billy announces. Vikki’s fine with it and he hopes one day Jill will be too. Jill’s left with a ‘hell no’ expression on her face.

Phyllis greets Chelsea at Jabot – and thanks her for defending Billy the other night at Underground (to Nick) If only these great guys could get along, they agree – and wish each other the best. Lauran sends both a text – due to a crisis, she has to cancel their meeting. Phyllis would like to hear Chelsea’s pitch anyway.

Jack’s taking Dina to Nikki’s concert. Neil’s reminded of reconnecting with his own Mother. Jack relays his suspicions that Graham’s after her money – he wants Neil to talk to her.

Back at the penthouse, Vikki’s all in a dither about Mom leaving. Maybe she panicked? Nick went to talk to Nikki yesterday but ran into Dad instead – he’s putting emotional pressure on Mom. This is bad timing for Vikki due to the lawsuit. Cane’s been lying to me, she gripes.

Cane worries that his situation will soon hit the tabloids. Collin wants to know what really happened in Tokyo – it’s obvious Cane’s hiding something. Juliet IS lying, right? There’s not a shred of truth to her claims.

Nick sums it up – because Cane can’t own up to his mistakes, BnS will have to pay millions. Vikki refuses to be exploited because of her last name. The Newman name is a double sword, Nick hopes Nikki won’t get cut with it.

You and Devon have spent the most time with Dina and Graham – Jack wants anything suspicious, any dirt on his Mother’s companion. Neil hasn’t seen any dirt – Graham’s an excellent resource for Dina. The books are clean. His advice? Follow your Mom’s lead. Jack’s sure Graham’s not to be trusted.