Monday, June 26th

Now at BnS, Jill can’t believe she’s not coming back to Billy announcing his wedding (to Vikki) She doesn’t trust me and Billy can’t live like that anymore. Vikki arrives to hug Jill – you look wonderful. Wondering why everyone’s so glum, Jill laughs when told about the lawsuit against Cane – he’s the last person around here who’s be mistaken as a sexual predator. Insulted, Billy thinks Cane more like his Dad than Jill’s willing to admit. They lie.

Cane tells Collin everything – he doesn’t remember cheating on his wife with Juliet – until recently. I did it. He wants to tell Lily but it’ll rip her heart out. Collin knows Cane wouldn’t offer a job for sex and thinks his marriage strong enough to withstand this. Cane worries he’s caused a chain reaction that will drag them all into hell.

Back at Jabot, Jack interrupts Chelsea to wonder why she’s making her pitch to Phyllis instead of him .

perched on a park bench, Lily apologises for not being focused – she and Cane will be fine. We ARE fine. Jordan’s glad to hear it and never took Lily for a quitter. As they get back to work, Billy stops by. Jordan discreetly excuses himself so that Billy can distract Lily with his whining about Jill. Getting Lily to laugh, Billy steps aside so that Jordan can take some shots.

Cane confesses to Collin that his plan to show Vikki who Billy really is backfired – Juliet got a raw deal, I deserve what’s coming to me. Collin has some advice – stick to your story – don’t underestimate your lying skills. Your future depends on it.

Vikki finds Jill sitting her office to read about this bogus lawsuit. Are you not going to ask my opinion as a business woman? Settle it – it looks bad. Pay her off. The jury will see the tape and believe Juliet. No, that makes Cane look guilty and my company weak. No way Vikki’s paying. She looks pleased when Jill’s delighted that she sounds like her Dad.

an optimistic Phyllis will share Chelsea’s excellent pitch with Lauren. Both ladies are somewhat surprised that Jack doesn’t seem excited that Chelsea wants to come back to her roots (at Jabot) He’ll be in touch. After Chelsea leaves, Jack isn’t happy that Phyllis is stepping on his toes by hearing the pitch. Now alone, he leaves a ‘call me’ message for Nikki.