Monday, June 26th

Nick drops by Jack’s office to easily determine that Jack also has no clue where his Mom went. Jack just tried to call Nikki – she seemed stressed about performing. Both men feel the other isn’t sharing everything they know. Jack detects that all is not well at the Newman ranch – what’s really going on?

Jill and Phyllis square off at Jabot. You want to make Billy happy? Like you did Jack and Nick? Ronan Malloy? Phyllis reminds Jill that she cheated on John with Jack (then her stepson) Jill’s learned from her mistakes – having been a barracuda, she recognizes Phyllis as one. VIKKI is the love pf Billy’s life – you simply can’t compete.

At BnS, Vikki gives Cane the cold shoulder – she knows he didn’t sexually harass Juliet but trust has been broken. Don’t make any moves without running it past Billy or myself. Cane vows to prove himself. Arriving, Billy suggests he prove himself as a good husband to Lily first.

After finally getting some good photos, Lily and Jordan are celebrating at the club’s bar – until Juliet comes along. Lily doesn’t want to hear anything she has to say. Not even the truth? Juliet asks.

Nick admits to Jack that he wishes his Dad would back off – he’s not happy that he’s pressuring his Mom. She needs to feel that SHE is control of this benefit. Nick wishes she felt that way about other facets of her life.

Phyllis knows Jill will never stop trying to control Billy – he and Vikki aren’t meant to be. Jill risks pushing Billy away – or she won’t get a front row seat for the wedding. Striding off, Phyllis has the last word.

Cane warns Billy to stay out of his marriage – he’s sure he slept with Juliet in Tokyo. Vikki tries to referee but lets Billy rant that Cane’s to blame for all this.

Juliet’s sorry she hurt Lily – she just wanted the truth to come out. Knowing that Juliet only cares about money, Lily grabs her purse and starts throwing money at Juliet. Go head, pick it up. Instead, Juliet faints and lands on the floor with a thud.

Next: You think Juliet’s faking illness? Chelsea asks. Jordan has to wonder … You ask everyone else what to do, Billy gripes that Vikki blows off his advice … Gloria asks Jack why he’s so interested in Juliet I might want to hire her, he replies.