Tuesday, June 27th

Dropping by Chelsea’s, Jordan’s told what was in the big box he just saw leaving. He approves of her idea to sell frocks exclusively to Fenmore’s and offers to take photos for a ‘look book’ if she’ll model. He then relays the incident with Juliet. No catfight, that’s not Lily’s style – they argued, Juliet collapsed. He has to wonder if this is all a scam and again; poor Lily.

Hearing Lily’s story, Jill tells her not to blame herself – you’re the innocent party here. As for Cane…. you made a bad situation worse by lying. The jury will see you partying all night with a subordinate. Lily continues to question Juliet’s motives and defend Cane. Yeah, but, Jill sees no excuse for Cane lying. Before heading off with her doctor, Jill whispers – see how this woman defended you? Don’t ever let her slip away. The Ashby’s are left to hug.

The doctor gives Jill a good report and is happy to hear that she’s taking her meds and enjoying a healthier lifestyle. Now, how about the stress? Jill’s travelling the world with Collin, doing yoga and staying relaxed. Occasional heartburn is Jill’s only mention. Now it’s time for the test.

Phyllis is right, Gloria doesn’t like her – you hurt Jack. He must be humiliated that you’re living with his brother. Knowing that Gloria wants to be more than a secretary, Phyllis praises her expertise in fashion (having worked with Chelsea) When her idea generates money, Jack will see that you have vision for endorsing it. Ok, maybe Gloria will talk to Jack after all.

As an amused Vikki watches, Jack does indeed still have sympathy – reminding that he too has been wrongly accused of sexual harassment. You mean Clarissa? The woman you DID hire, and DID sleep with? Billy scoffs. Confirming that Juliet Helstrom is the employee who filed the suit, Jack suspects Vikki fired her to save Billy. No wonder Juliet’s pissed off. Billy’s left to ask Vikki if she trusts his judgement. You ask everyone else for advice but blow me off. Think about it, he too leaves.

Jill’s doctor returns with her ‘outstanding’ test results. Jill does plan to continue her travels but some things here still need her attention.

Billy comes home to a scantily clad Phyllis. Hungry? How about something from the desert menu? she purrs as she poses on the staircase in little but a transparent apron.

Never mind Chelsea’s pitch, Jack asks Gloria to close the door so he can ask her to find out everything she can on Juliet. Why is he so interested? Simple – Jack may want to hire her.

Jordan has two theories; #1 there’s some truth to Juliet’s story; Cane did sleep with her. Theory #2 – it’s all been a scam (including keeling over in front of Lily) Yes, Chelsea can spot a con a mile away – she questions the timing – Juliet worked at BnS for months – and she didn’t go after Cane directly for money. She also, again, questions why Jordan’s main concern is Lily.