Tuesday, June 27th

Lily thinks Cane should go – contact with Juliet might be a bad idea. He thinks Lily amazing for defending him to Jill. Why wouldn’t I? Lily knows Cane didn’t do the things Juliet’s accusing him of. As they cuddle, the doctor brings Juliet out. All look awkwardly at one another.

Lily’s the real victim here, Jordan sums it up. Changing the subject, Chelsea needs a favour – incentive to get Fenmore’s and Jabot to say ‘yes’ to her exclusive line. Sure, and he has an idea too – Chelsea should model the designs for the ‘look book’ herself.

Returning to BnS, Vikki doesn’t exactly welcome Jill with open arms. I’m under enough stress and have a business to run. Jill preaches that love and passion are more important than work. Fight for what’s yours. Vikki won’t chase a man who’s not interested. Billy’s interested, Jill pleads with Vikki to rescue him from Phyllis. Hurry before it’s too late.

Phyllis feeds Billy a cream puff, then a kiss. No, she didn’t make it – she went to the bistro. The see-through apron is just for show. Sweeping off the kitchen island, things get hot in the kitchen.

Gloria doesn’t understand why Jack would hire the woman who screwed up at BnS, then sued them. Juliet has an axe to grind with BnS and inside info – Jack thinks that a good combo. There are easier ways to get back at Billy, Gloria thinks.

As the tension escalates between the Ashby’s and Juliet, Lily snaps; stop lying, Cane did not have sex with you! Then explain this, Juliet hands over a piece of paper. I’m pregnant.

Next: As Jill goes over to surprise Devon, Dina mutters – I’ll be damned – Jill Abbott … Well, at least Lily knows the truth now, Cane cheated on her, Hilary tells Juliet … Lily cries to Cane – don’t lie to me – tell me the truth. We had sex, Cane admits with self-loathing and horror.

My Thoughts: Yes, of course BnS’s human resources office would have an emergency contact listed for Juliet on file – IF BnS had a human resource office. I guess it’s just down the hall from accounts payable and receiving … Of course Juliet’s pregnant – of course she fainted – because we’re living in the late 1800’s and perhaps her corset is too tight. Someone pass the smelling salts! I have a case of the vapors! Lead me to my fainting couch`post haste! … Odd that Jill’s doctor didn’t mention her sore throat – she sounds like a 2 pack a day smoker … Since when were Jill and Jack so friendly? (other than when the stepmom/stepson were cheating on John; who was made aware of said affair by way of a jigsaw puzzle arriving piece by piece in the mail. Because that’s the way things were done before the internet kids) … Huh – Why is the courier service calling Chelsea? The customer is usually the one to call. I suppose it could be a service offered by the building – but hard to believe the condo fees include a personal messenger but no damn security or conceirge – not even a damn buzzer! .. Of course Phyllis’ apron is just for show. It shows everything! I imagine it’s highy flamable and not condusive for frying bacon.