Thursday, July 6th

While Abby and Scott are setting up the pavilion for tomorrow’s concert in the park, Tessa’s at the tackhouse being questioned on where Nikki is. When she slips up that Nikki maybe ‘can’t’ perform, Nick pounces – what do you mean by that?

Nikki wheels her luggage back into the ranch – hello? Anyone home? Met with silence, Nikki sits at the piano – horrified as her hands tremble above the keys.

At CL’s, Mariah denies she’s worried that Devon still loves Hilary – and escapes when Chelsea stops by to chat with Sharon (for whom she has a proposition)

Abby’s delighted with her event planning skills. Victor comes along to hear that she and Scott are getting things done. Nikki’s piano has arrived but she won’t be coming to practice. Scott couldn’t imagine performing before a crowd.

Nick knows that Tessa shares his concern for Nikki – what do you know? he begs. Tessa tells Nick about his Mom’s MS flare up. She made me swear not to tell Victor. Nick won’t say anything except there will be no concert.

Ester and Mike grill Kevin at the estate. He explains that he flew to Portland on a whim and liked it. This will be good for him and Bella. You need family, Mike insists. Kevin wants to escape all the bad memories and be a good parent. Please don’t make this any harder.

Chelsea wants Sharon to come back to work for her. She misses having someone she can count on in the studio- will you help me?

Daddy missed you so much, Kevin gushes when Bella runs into his arms. Let’s take her to the park, Mike suggests.

I need to talk to my Dad – alone, Nick dismisses Scott to tell Victor that Nikki took off because of the stress over this performance. She won’t be able to perform because you made her life intolerable. On cue, an excited Nikki arrives to praise Victor for all his hard work. I can’t wait til tomorrow. Nick scowls as Victor’s happy to hear it.

Nikki covers her aching hands in private then rejoins Victor, Nick, Abby and Scott to reiterate how excited she is. No, she won’t practice here. After Nikki goes home, Victor growls at Nick’s presumption that he knows Nikki better than him. Scott watches in the wings.