Thursday, July 6th

On the patio, Mariah gets an urgent ‘need to talk’ text from Tessa.

Sharon’s flattered but too busy with the coffee house and her classes etc. Chelsea understands but doesn’t know who else to turn to for help. Sharon’s sure nothing will stop Chelsea from getting what she wants.

Bella sent off to admire flowers, Mike and Kevin take a seat in the park cafe. Mike wants the truth. Kevin’s not being impulsive – he doesn’t want Bella tainted by his and Chloe’s past. Flashback to Kevin first reappearing in Mike’s life. We learned how to be brothers – Gloria’s making an effort. Bottom line, Kevin’s leaving with Bella – nothing will change his mind.

In Victor’s office, Abby mentions the absence of family dinner and noticed the tension between him and Nick. You’re a member of this family – you deserve to know, Victor sighs.

Chelsea thanks Sharon for the encouragement – she thanks Chelsea for the job offer. Scott joins them to update that he just saw Nick at the venue – we were on our best behavior. After Chelsea leaves, Scott’s more candid – Nick doesn’t want any part of this benefit.

Tessa’s with Mariah on the patio – feeling guilty for telling Nick something Nikki asked her to keep secret. What if he tells his Dad? Mariah won’t let Tessa beat herself up – Nikki will understand. Tessa doesn’t think it’ll be that simple.

Nick drops by the ranch to see his Mom – where were you? In Colorado for some R&R, Nikki fibs – then is angry to hear that Tessa told Nick about her MS flare up. I’m fine, Nikki insists – thanks to yoga and long walks she’s ready to rock out tomorrow. Not if Nick has anything to say about it.