Thursday, July 6th

Back at CL’s, Sharon explains that there’s some distance between Victor and his older kids. Scott and Abby have really stepped up. When doing interviews for Victor’s autobiography, Scott detected that Abby felt less valued than Nikki’s kids.

Finding out that Chloe killed Adam opened some old wounds for Victor – but Abby and Scott have helped immensely. He wishes the family could come together again.

Initially, Nikki only wanted to perform to prove to Victor that she could. But now she doesn’t care what he thinks – she’s performing for herself and a good cause. She wishes she’d focused more on her music. Nick wishes he could believe Nikki – this is not the way to victory. Nikki will prove that she’s up to the challenge.

I guess this is goodbye then, Mike and Kevin share a weepy hug.

Scott and Sharon talk about growing up without a father. Something else they have in common.

Back in Victor’s office, Abby admires the dress and accessories he’s chosen for Nikki. She’ll look gorgeous. Victor hopes this concert brings the Newman’s back together.

Nick has to admit – you sounded great Mom. You win – I’ll leave you to practice. I love you, he gives her a goodbye kiss. Now alone, it’s not long before Nikki’s struggling – her hands in pain. Nick watches and slips out to scowl.

Back at the park, Chelsea apologizes for what happened at Chloe’s funeral. Kevin could have handled things better himself. Now it’s time to go. Where? Chelsea asks. To see Mommy, Bella blurts out.

Next: Vikki had to let me go, Cane tells his kids. She fired you? Mattie’s surprised … I’m sorry it had to go down that way but Cane gave me no choice, Vikki (with Billy) tells Lily … Victor orders Nick to be on his best behavior at the concert tonight. This concert is not for her, it’s for you – cancel it, Nick orders.