Friday, July 7th

Paul needs some convincing that moving to Oregon is the right thing for Kevin to do – do you have a job or a place to live? Kevin can easily find a tech job and he’s already rented a place. He’ll come back to train his replacement if necessary. Paul never thought he’d say this but ‘I’ll really miss you Kevin’ ~hug~

Nick wasn’t able to talk his Mom out of performing – she doesn’t want to let Victor down after all the work he’s done. She made me swear not to say anything. If only the concert would be rained out, he pouts. Chelsea’s sorry to say there’s no rain forecast – but is sure Nikki will do what’s right for her.

Well? Nikki tip toes in to show Victor her dress. Agreeing ‘it’s stunning’, Nikki worries she might trip on the hem. With one call to Chelsea, Victor announces she’s on her way over. Nikki comments that their problems aren’t so easily fixed. Yes, but after 30 years, Victor thought she knew that he never gives up.

The twins come home loudly overplaying their ‘nerd’ and ‘playboy’ roles. When Mattie announces that she’s going to ask grandpa Neil for an internship, Cane asks the kids to sit down – I need to tell you something.

Lily’s looking at a cardboard box marked ‘Cane Ashby’ when Vikki and Billy return to the conference room. Vikki’s sorry she had to fire Cane – I hope you understand.

Since Lily’s the one hurt the most, Vikki doesn’t think she owes them an apology. And Billy chimes in to say that she’s still the ambassador for the men’s line. Lily’s relieved and excited to jump back in. No, she won’t deliver Cane’s things – let the messenger do it.

The kids are aghast to hear that their Dad got fired. Sure he’ll get a better job, the kids will chip in until then.

When Kevin brings Bella back to the estate, she’s quickly shipped out with Ester so that Gloria can scold and demand an explanation from her son. Kevin wants to start fresh. Liar, Gloria ain’t buyin’ it.

Arriving at the ranch, Chelsea has no problem hemming the dress (which looks amazing – I guess Victor does know you well) Nikki’s smile fades.

Nick’s summoned Victor to the tackhouse to discuss this ludicrous concert. Victor warns Nick to show up and be on his best behavior (for his Mother) This concert’s not for her, Nick accuses his Father of being too self absorbed to see that it’s making Nikki miserable.

Gloria’s not as easily fooled as Ester. She knows Kevin’s a creature of habit who likes the familiar. Yes, and that’s why Kevin’s stepping out of his comfort zone to seek happiness. Don’t you think I’ve earned that?

Victor reiterates – Nikki WANTS to perform. I don’t have ulterior motives. Your Mother’s a strong woman who speaks her mind. She wants to give this concert to help other MS sufferers. She’d be devastated if I called off the concert. Nick thinks the emotional pain better than the physical.

Thanking Chelsea, Nikki can’t wait to show off her exquisite dress tomorrow night. Needing to take the dress back to the studio, Chelsea notices Nikki struggling and lends a hand. It’s always easier when someone else does it, she smiles.

At the club, Neil’s updated that Cane’s out of a job. If he didn’t lie, this could have ended much earlier and cost Vikki much less. Lily then tells her Dad that Juliet’s taken a paternity test. She’s not sure what she’ll do – she never thought she’d be in this position.

Vikki’s glad Lily doesn’t hold a grudge against her. Yeah, Billy respects the way she’s handling things. Vikki’s sad about the fallout for Cane’s family – Reed’s interested in Mattie. Yes, she had to tell him – I couldn’t hide that. Oh no, she looks at her laptop – just when I though things couldn’t get any worse.