Tuesday, July 11th

We’ll get through this, Cane promises Lily. Juliet clears her throat – she’s not just here to deliver the news – she’s keeping this baby but doesn’t expect anything. She can afford to raise the baby on her settlement alone. Juliet never meant to hurt Lily. Go back to your lives, I’m going back to mine. Now alone, Lily looks at Cane with contempt – then leaves him crying alone.

Phyllis gets out of the water to scold Billy for being on his phone. What is he worried about? Billy confesses that BnS sales are down. With Cane gone, he’ll have to put in extra hours. Vikki will need him. Phyllis understands – and after a bit of business talk, it’s time to kiss.

Victor had Dr Harris sign off on my release, Chloe confides. She knows Kevin will be mad but there’s more. I was the mystery woman on the prison security video. When it came out that I caused Adam’s death, Victor had me brought back to Dr Harris. After all her lies, Chloe wouldn’t blame Kevin for leaving (but prays he won’t)

Hilary wasn’t expecting to see Vikki at the ranch – now isn’t the right time to discuss the whole Juliet thing. Vikki surprises Hilary with an apology – there was some truth to Juliet’s allegations after all. Hilary’s sorry that Cane’s lies hurt Vikki and her company. And now, Hilary would love to hear Nikki’s love story, in her own words.

Abby begs the sound guy to resolve the issue so the show can go on. Nick arrives with Chelsea to get an earful. It could take a while, Nick warns Abby (who’s marches off to leave Chelsea to ask Nick if he’s enjoying this)

Nikki talks about the facility, Victor brings it back to Nikki and her performance. Hilary asks if there was a time Nikki never thought she’d play piano again. Yes. But now she barely suffers any pain at all. Hilary would love to hear more about the Newman’s love story. We persevered, Victor claims. Hilary then forces Vikki to join in with her perspective on her parents marriage (as Nikki wrings her hands and bites back pain)

After just hearing that Juliet’s pregnant, Phyllis (with Billy) invite her to sit down for an awkward chat. Juliet thinks Billy has a lot of integrity – you were right about the lawsuit – I should have handled it better. We should have believed you, Billy concedes. What now? Juliet will figure something out. Good to see you, Juliet leaves Billy to quip that he’d hate to be Cane right about now.

Cane’s on his laptop looking for a legal document he can have Juliet sign. I’m trying to fix this. You don’t fix anything by walking away from your responsibilities! Lily shouts.

Back at the motel, Kevin doesn’t know how he can protect Chloe if she hides things from him. He’s also thinking that he shouldn’t love Chloe – but he can’t help it. Just like Chloe can’t help being better when she’s with him and Bella. Victor or no Victor, I love you ~kiss~