Tuesday, July 11th

Do me, Phyllis orders Billy to apply sunscreen. They almost feel sorry for Cane (being in a situation with two women) Billy only has one to worry about – and now, let’s swim!

Arriving at the club, Hilary’s on the phone with Howard – you got the footage and notes? She hangs up when Juliet comes over to update that she let Cane off the hook. Hilary didn’t see that one coming. Juliet knows that even if Cane wanted to abandon this child, Lily won’t let him.

I’m trying to do the right thing, Cane’s in tears – what do you want me to do? Even though our family will never be the same, you KNOW you have to be there for Juliet and this baby! Lily huffs out of the room.

Vikki arrives backstage at the pavilion with her parents. While Chelsea’s polite, Nick makes a point of saying he’s there to support his Mom, as he will always do. Nick has full faith in her – but the situation’s a bit more complicated than that. Aside, Abby blasts Victor for not answering his phone and Victor’s grilling whoever’s working on the soundboard. Nick watches.

In bed, Kevin does indeed know what Victor’s capable of and isn’t afraid of him one bit. He won’t find you. But Victor has money and power. Kevin feels he has the edge – he won’t lose Chloe to Victor or anyone else.

Abby lashes out at Vikki (who’s only trying to help) Give me a bit of credit ‘sis’! she marches off (as Nick and Chelsea watch) Victor’s backstage bullying Mr Pittman. What’s going on over there? Nikki wonders. On cue, Victor comes back with bad news – we have to cancel the concert.

Next: Maybe the universe is trying to cut you a break – you won’t have to play through the pain, Tessa tells Nikki ….If you don’t know how to fix the audio-board then you’re not needed back here, Abby snarls at Vikki… Nick – how can I tell everyone that the show’s going to go on, much less on time? Because it will, Victor assures.

My Thoughts: Odd that Vikki has to ring the doorbell and wait on the front step at her own parents home. I gave up commenting on the lack of a security check/guard house at the front gate (despite Victor occasionally mumbling about ‘beefing up’ security when the threat level is high; higher than usual for a family with so much money and so easily accessible) Nikki clearly doesn’t even bother to lock her front door…. Vikki looks way too pale and thin. She looks like the Boy In The Striped Pajamas…..Cane’s paternity results will be arriving by mail? Not even courier? Why not go back a few more years and have them delivered by pony express!? Or smoke signals … For Nikki to in any way be depicted as the face of MS is a slap in the face. Being in Canada, I’ve never had a medical bill but am sadly aware that not everyone in the States has access to the same medical care as the Newmans…. Well, that’s one way to put it Chloe – ‘I caused Adam’s death’. Uh no. You KILLED him (as far as we know)