Friday, July 14th

Creating Helen Jones in the government database, Kevin explains that he and Bella don’t need fake ID’s. We’ll buy a little cottage somewhere, join a book club. Chloe’s eager to leave before Victor finds them. Kevin has just one more thing to do first (and leaves Chloe looking nervous)

At the bar, Tessa encourages Noah to go look for his Dad (with a kiss, he does just that) Across the room, Ravi gallantly whisks Dina off to the dance floor.

Victor tattles to Vikki – Nick’s out of his life for trying to sabotage the concert. When Abby appears, Victor leaves the sisters to force smiles at one another as he thanks Scott for being more loyal than some of his family. Across the room, Howard and Hilary are discussing the explosive footage they captured. She’s hesitant to run with it – Howard thinks it her civic duty. When Mariah comes over with Neil and Devon, she instantly detects something’s going on.

Abby badgers Vikki to tell her what’s going on – and where’s Nick? When Victor returns, Abby’s dismissed and huffs off complaining about only being part of the family when it’s convenient.

On the CL’s patio, Nick calls Chelsea with a quick update then tells Noah that grandpa gave him the bruise. What’s going on??? Noah asks. Dad’s just being Dad, Nick shrugs it off.

In the passenger seat, Nikki declines Victor’s call and doesn’t care where Jack takes her – anywhere at all is good. Jack has an idea.

Devon guesses that Hilary and Howard caught someone doing something they shouldn’t. Mariah squirms as Hilary coos that Devon likes her being responsible. Change is good, Neil agrees – if it’s real. After Howard leaves to work on their ‘dynamite footage’, Mariah warns Hilary not to provoke Victor. When Devon asks Mariah to spend the night at his place, she jumps at the chance to drive Tessa home (and invites her to sleep over)

Ashley’s puzzled by a text from Jack – he had to get Nikki out of there. Please see Mom home. Where in the world did you learn to dance like that? Dina returns completely besotted with Ravi – then is distraught to hear that Jack left without her. Ravi and Ashley quietly note that Victor doesn’t look as happy as he did earlier. Indeed, Victor’s scowling at his phone (Nikki obviously not taking his calls)

Putting Bella to bed, Chloe tells her about their wonderful new life – maybe you’ll have a brother or sister. We’re so lucky to have Daddy. I won’t make any more mistakes. I’ll be a good person, the Mommy you deserve.

Phyllis makes a show of playing her game while Billy reads a bedtime story aloud. Johnny’s the first to cave and run over to Phyllis – Katie following. Billy smiles as his kids gather around Phyllis and her game.

Back at the party, Reed asks Vikki where Grandma and Nick went. Nothing to worry about, Vikki’s vague. Across the room, Abby vents to Zack then makes a beeline for Vikki – I’m sick of being treated like a 6-year-old! Then stop acting like one, Vikki retorts – then yelps, rubs her eyes and falls backwards after Abby tosses her drink in her face.

I’m SO sorry, Abby repeatedly apologizes as Reed helps his Mom up. I’m fine, Vikki repeats and leaves Abby with a supportive Zack (yes, he knows Vikki’s fall was an accident)