Monday, July 17th

At the Abbott cabin, Nikki pulls out of Jack’s arms (and kiss) Sorry – I shouldn’t have done that, she apologizes.

Still at Top of The Tower, Victor’s on the phone with Dr Harris. Hearing how Kevin and Chloe connected then escaped, Victor orders him to find them and bring them back – you got that?

In the motel, Kevin and Chloe are packed and almost ready to drive to Oregon. No worries, Kevin reassures – no one’s looking for us. It’s you, Bella and me living happily ever after. Chloe wishes he hadn’t said that.

Nick’s on the CL’s patio texting his Mom – please call. I’m sorry.

Billy and Phyllis didn’t expect Vikki home so early (with Reed) Relaying what a nice evening they had with the kids, Billy wonders if Vikki’s really OK with this.

Still wearing Jack’s jacket over her gown, Nikki apologizes for being mentally ‘scrambled’. Jack shrugs it off – we WERE married and it was a good kiss. When Nikki gripes about Nick trying to sabotage the concert, Jack defends him and blames Victor. Nikki lists reasons why she’s glad she performed. And do you feel ‘great’ about Victor? Jack asks.

Chloe worries Kevin jinxed their happily ever after with those very words. Kevin’s not worried about Victor or Dr Harris.

Does Kevin know I’m involved? Victor asks – then wonders who the hell Maggie is. Who’s Chloe? Dr Harris is equally puzzled – bring my daughter back to me. Never call me again, Victor instructs.

Charlie and Mattie come home to hear that Dad went out (to leave Lily to say how sorry he is and say that he won’t abandon his responsibilities to his child with Juliet) What about his responsibilities to us? To you? Mattie wonders.

Juliet approaches Cane at the bar – not sure what to say besides ‘hi’. How about ‘sorry’? Cane whines that his kids now hate him. Juliet doesn’t expect anything. A child needs both parents but she won’t pressure him. Cane begs to differ – he’s felt nothing but pressure since being falsely accused of sexual harassment.

Jack serves Nikki tea with honey and listens to her defend Victor – he wanted to do something good. And he’s desperate for me to forgive him. What has that jerk done now? Jack asks.

Lily tells the kids that Dad knows he was wrong to get drunk and cheat with Juliet (who Lily thought of as a friend) Your Dad loves you – forgive him please. Have you? Mattie wonders.

Back at the bar, Juliet and Cane butt heads over ‘sexual harassment’ but agree on one thing – basically that Billy’s an ass who Vikki shouldn’t trust.