Friday, July 14th

After Ashley goes to check on her Mother, Dina rejoins Ravi all in a dither because ‘Graham’ walked out and left her all alone. When Ashley returns, it’s time to escort Dina back to the club.

Reed and Vikki bid their farewells to Victor. As Reed goes to grab the elevator, Vikki offers to speak to Nick. Victor can only hope Noah doesn’t treat his Father with such utter disrespect.

On the patio, Noah’s sure Grandpa was just spouting off. Nick thanks his son for saving the concert and apologizes for the way he handled it.

Still open? Abby and Zack join Sharon and Scott at the coffee house. Abby tells Sharon what happened between her and Vikki but when Scott rants about Nick trying to ruin the event, Sharon thinks they need more info. No sooner has Devon arrived, Hilary appears to ask where his date went. Mariah went home – tired, Devon explains. Hilary takes a seat to say that Mariah’s insecure about the way he looks at her. Naw, she’s cool with it, Devon shrugs it off. She’d be cool with the way you’re looking at me right now? Hilary flirts.

Over wine at Sharon’s, Mariah admits she lied to Devon about being tired. She sees the way he looks at Hilary – don’t tell me I’m crazy. Tessa won’t – she saw it too. Mariah never feels that Devon’s truly ‘with’ her. She’s not OK with it. It hurts, Mariah cries in Tessa’s arms.

The kids now in bed, Billy praises the way Phyllis interacted with them. It wasn’t just the cool game – why wouldn’t they love you? Awkward silence ensues when Reed and Vikki come home.

Ravi, Ashley and Dina come through the revolving door. No, no need for them to see Dina up to her room – the elevator’s right here. As her Mother toddles off, Ashley thinks Jack was rude to bail out. When a concerned Ravi tries to explain that Dina was referring to Jack as Graham, Ashley blames it on drink and the late evening.

Why are you calling so late? This better be important, Victor growls. Chloe escaped, Dr Harris informs that she and Kevin Fisher tied him up and left in his car.

Kevin returns with ID for Helen Jones (don’t ask where it came from) Let’s leave tonight. One more thing, he gets down on bended knee to propose. I will always keep you safe, he promises with a hug.

Jack’s brought Nikki to the Abbott cabin; a place full of peace and memories, good and bad. Nikki’s not sure what she’d have done without her ‘rock’ tonight. Giving Jack a kiss, Nikki apologizes – followed by more kissing.

Next: Billy says ‘I just want to make sure that you’re really OK with this’ (to Vikki with Reed and Phyllis still in the room) … Oh Jack. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that, Nikki backs off looking a bit dizzy…. Knock knock. Who is it? Kevin calls out as Chloe looks nervous. Your worst nightmare, Victor growls on the other side of the door.