Monday, July 17th

Vikki had no problem with Phyllis meeting the kids (who Phyllis thinks are terrific by the way) As Vikki goes to take something for her headache, Reed relays that she fell. After Phyllis goes to wait in the car, Billy asks Vikki about the fall – and goes on and on about Phyllis. Yes, Vikki’s fine – goodnight. Both pause as the door closes.

Kevin and Chloe are packed and ready to go when there’s a knock at the door. Who is it? Your worst nightmare, Victor barks through the door.

Victor? After Chloe hides, Kevin answers the door – this is a surprise. Victor traced Kevin through his credit card. Everyone knows I’m leaving to start a new life with my daughter, Kevin lies. Victor’s not buying it – come out Chloe (which she does)

Mattie thanks Reed for meeting her at CL’s. She found something out tonight. No, not about his Mom firing her Dad. My family’s a mess. Reed knows a bit about that and talks about how weird the benefit was; his grandpa got in a fight with his Uncle Nick. Both are sick of the ‘do as I say not as I do’. Mattie carries on about complicated families then apologizes (since Reed’s a prime example)

Cane didn’t even get a severance package. His complaining gets louder when Billy arrives with Phyllis. He didn’t get the memo on cheating and getting a co-worker pregnant.

Nick gets an earful at Vikki’s. She’s tired of protecting Dad too – Mom needs to make a choice. But sabotaging the soundboard is inexcusable. Mom’s in pain, Nick couldn’t tell Dad the truth. Vikki disagrees – Mom played beautifully.

Victor’s disappointed in Kevin for wanting to protect Chloe. She’s the love of my life, you’d do the same for Nikki, Kevin knows. Yes, but Victor’s not stupid. Let us go, Kevin requests – we won’t talk. Victor won’t take that chance.

Nikki was ‘performing’ on and off stage – she and Victor are not a happy couple. Why? Because of what Victor did to Jack and Phyllis. Nikki blames herself for always defending Victor’s nonsense. The man who disowned his son tonight is the real Victor Newman. Jack’s impressed and supportive – but sceptical that Nikki won’t forgive Victor.

Claiming that the only bad move Vikki made is trusting Cane, Billy’s surprised when Juliet chimes in to defend him. You two are unbelievable. Juliet know who made the mistakes and who got blamed. After she marches off, Cane announces that HE owns up to HIS mistakes at least and storms out to leave Phyllis looking at Billy.

Vikki thinks Nick’s treating their Mom like a child. Nick doesn’t want to fight – Dad’s the one to blame. He’s concerned when Vikki almost collapses.