Monday, July 17th

Now seated, Billy praises Vikki and disses Cane to Phyllis (who feels sorry for him) He nearly destroyed BnS but Billy thinks Vikki may now be at the top of Cane’s enemy list.

Reed and Mattie continue to bond over family issues. He’s used to complications; Mattie thought her parents lived a fairy tale. Reed places a reassuring hand atop Mattie’s across the table.

Jack will never forgive Victor for stealing his happiness. No, he’s no longer bent on revenge and has been putting on a show of happiness. Meaningless sex and his Mother being in town hasn’t changed that. I’m trying to protect her from Graham. Nikki applauds that but who’s looking after Jack?

Kevin assures Victor that Dr Harris won’t talk and neither will he or Chloe. He’s the last person to judge of tattle on Victor. Kevin only cares about protecting Chloe and Bella. There’s nothing he won’t do to keep them safe and together.

Phyllis and Billy agree that Cane will likely take BnS’s secrets to his next employer. Juliet’s proof of how dangerous a disgruntled employee can be.

Cane comes home to ask how Lily’s talk with the kids went, knowing they must think him a fraud for preaching safe sex and not drinking. Things will never be the same, Lily sighs. Cane wonders if she’s saying she doesn’t want to be married to him anymore.

Bringing Vikki water, Nick’s told that she’s fine but just tired. OK, see you, he leaves with a quick kiss.

Jack assures Nikki that he can take care of himself. She appreciates being whisked out of the gala and can’t think of anywhere else she’d rather be tonight. This is exactly what I need, she snuggles in.

Kevin and Chloe (holding Bella) wait expectantly for Victor’s answer. You can go, he finally nods. With a quick ‘thank you’, Chloe exits. You won’t regret this, Kevin tells Victor and goes out to kiss Chloe and Bella. As they leave, Victor peers out of the curtains.

Next: Mariah needs an honest answer from Devon – how do you actually feel about me? .. This is more personal than professional, Ravi tells Ashley – it’s about your Mother …. I’m sorry, Jack apologizes. You should be, how dare you treat me like this? Dina snaps.