Tuesday, July 18th

As Victor’s looking out of the window at Top of the Tower, Nikki’s bidding Jack good morning at the cabin. She slept well in the cozy guest room and hasn’t felt this good in ages. She’s so happy the stress is behind her and again thanks Jack for whisking her away. Jack shows her a photo online of the Newman family smiling. The truth can’t stay hidden forever, Nikki remarks.

Ashley can’t join Victor for breakfast but will sit with him to wait for her associate to arrive. Caring about how things affect Abby, Ashley asks what’s going on with the Newman family – why did Nikki leave last night?

Tessa thanks Mariah for letting her stay the night (away from the drama of the main house) Mariah’s embarrassed that she blubbered about Devon all night. That’s OK – but will Mariah talk to Devon or continue to pretend everything’s fine?

In Victor’s office, Abby warns Scott to be prepared for whatever mood he’s in and to butt out. No, there’s no need to discuss what happened last night. It’s not your family so back off.

Abby and Scott both apologize. The Newman’s don’t ‘hash things out’ and Abby feels like an outsider sometimes. Scott hopes Victor appreciates Abby instead of taking her for granted.

In her suite, Dina searches for her reading glasses and appreciates Graham’s offer to go look at last night’s venue. You take such good care of me. Dina wishes Graham had been with her at the concert (since Jack disappointed her by leaving)

Nikki thanks Jack for preparing breakfast. It IS good, she insists – everything about the cabin is so much better than at the ranch. Jack needed to get away too but doesn’t want Nikki to worry about him. She’s not looking forward to facing Victor and is sorry Nick was pushed to his breaking point last night.

Victor tells Ashley about his physical altercation with Nick and suspects that Jack’s whispering in Nikki’s ear. Her friendship means a lot to Jack, Ashley understands why he took Nikki away last night. Victor didn’t envision the evening ending with his wife leaving with Jack. Spotting her ‘business associate’, Ashley wishes Victor well and leaves him moping over his breakfast – and the online photo of the smiling Newman family.

Ravi drops by Dina’s suite with the glasses she dropped in his car. His reassurance pleases Dina – who admits to being distracted last night because Jack left her without saying a word. When you see him, tell him to come see me (she wants to know what’s going on with her son)